March 31, 2012

Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, Revised Edition by Robert C. Atkins

Unfortunately, the fast food industry is making its way into the lives of most people, whether they are poor or wealthy. As a result, many people are now fighting a battle against obesity which is proving to be much harder in practice than in theory.

Even though are bodies will not allow us to lose our weight as fast as we gain it, there are ways of tremendously accelerating the process and even guarantee success.In his book titled Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution, Revised Edition, Robert Atkins shares his diet which is designed to bring the body into a state of fat meltdown.

More precisely, the diet which is presented in this book mainly has to do with regulating your insulin, and thus your blood sugar levels. In most cases of overweight people there is simply too much insulin in the body which leads to an increased conversion of carbohydrates into the dreaded fat cells which are stocked in the body.

The main idea behind the diet is that it should be as low as possible on carbohydrates so as to train the body to stop producing so much insulin. Of course, the results are not going to instantaneous but after a little while, your body will stop storing so much fat and you will have fewer food cravings to speak of. It should be noted that this diet is not made to starve the person; as many can attest, hunger is definitely not a part of this plan.

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