March 23, 2012

Sleeping Well with the Marpac SleepMate Sound Conditioner

Sleep is very important to all humans for two reasons: it is the time used by the body to recuperate and re-energize itself, not to mention that going for more than 14 days without sleeping can literally kill a person.

Various studies have been conducted in an attempt to shed some light on such a mysterious concept, and one of the most surprising findings was that white noise can help people fall asleep much faster and easier, especially in places where intrusive noises become a problem.

Going along this line of thinking the Marpac SleepMate Sound Conditioner was invented, a simple machine which simply generates a soothing white noise, which basically sounds like air rushing. There are two speed settings on the machine, depending on whether you want to mask other noises or simply because the white noise itself helps you sleep.

This really is the perfect machine for those who have to sleep in places where there are often auditory disturbances, making it suitable for day care centers, college dorms, apartments, and even for when you are travelling abroad (the packaging was designed to be very easy and simple to use).

Coming at a discount of 18% at the price of $40.95, the Marpac SleepMate Sound Conditioner also has a one-year limited warranty, although you probably won’t need to use it seeing as how the unit is made out of very durable plastic.

If you would like to either learn about it in greater detail or place your order, simply follow this link to visit the product’s web page.

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