May 31, 2012

Hemocyl - Becoming Hemorrhoid-Free the Natural Way

Out of all the things we can become afflicted with as age takes its toll on us, hemorrhoids may be one of the most annoying ones. Needless to say, they appear in the worst place possible and can turn simple tasks such as sitting down into a real nightmare.

There are numerous pharmaceutical treatments and “magic cure” creams on the market, but as you can probably guess, they have proven themselves ineffective, at least for the majority of the people who tried them. Well, I’m not going to say that there is a product which will work for everyone, but there is natural way of fighting hemorrhoids advertised under the name Hemocyl.

A Look at the Hemocyl Program

So what precisely is Hemocyl? Well, it is basically an oral treatment program which contains two main ingredients: Messua Ferea and Berberis Vulgaris. The former is actually a shrub which grows exclusively in high altitudes, generally found in either Southern India and the Himalayas.

As it happens, it the shrub has been in use for quite some time now in order to make a large number of different medications. The second ingredient is also found in high altitudes, mainly in the Himalayas. It is also a shrub with yellow and white branches.

The two ingredients have been combined for their medical benefits for who knows how many years, and now they have been made available to everyone in the form of capsules.

The Effects of Hemocyl

So what does Hemocyl actually do? Well, to sum things up in a nutshell, Hemocyl’s formula is designed to stop the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids such as pain, burning, itching and bleeding by relieving the inflamed area. The medication needs to be taken once a day for seven to fourteen days, after which you will be relieved of your hemorrhoids symptoms for up to six months.

All in all, it may not provide the ultimate hemorrhoid cure you are wishing for, but it will surely make the wait much more bearable, not to mention that there are no known side effects to Hemocyl.

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