August 29, 2012

Lauren Hutton’s Facedisc – The Ultimate Makeup Kit

While it is true that certain people do have this natural beauty to them, the fact remains that most ladies out there use makeup, at least when going out in public. As it happens, there are very few, if any models who do their jobs without any makeup (or Photoshop for that matter).

As you surely know, a good makeup job can dissimulate thousands of imperfections from even the most observant watchers. There is however, a certain problem: most of the makeup the ladies are using won’t have nearly the same effect when they will get just a bit older, and that’s precisely the predicament Lauren Hutton found herself in, which led to the invention of the Facedisc.

What is the Facedisc?

So what exactly are we looking at here? Well, it is basically makeup kit put together by a person who has gained tons and tons of experience in terms of makeup. It contains the Face Disc which has 11 different pots of makeup, Lauren’s 7 Best Brushes as well as carrying case for them, an instruction brochure, an instructional DVD, and Lauren’s set of lengthening Mascara.As if that wasn’t enough, you also get a bunch of bonuses as well, including Lauren’s No-Shine Moisturizer, the Better-Than-Spice Lip Pencil, special oil blotting paper, a quilted and stylish carrying case for the cosmetics, not to mention a free membership to Lauren’s exclusive Trade Secrets Makeup Club.

What’s Different About the Facedisc?

Well, the makeup you are going to get here is much lighter in texture and more delicate in color than regular makeup. In other words, the makeup itself is virtually invisible and the guide which comes with it instructs you precisely on how and where to apply what to achieve which effects.

Used properly, it can get rid of anything from wrinkles to freckles.The best part about it is that the package comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee , and at the price of a single payment of $29.95 (despite being worth more than $400, bonuses included). This means that if the makeup doesn’t have the effect you were hoping, you can simply return it all within 30 days, get a complete refund, and continue your journey to find a makeup set that will satisfy your (probably strict) demands.To learn more or place your order for this makeup kit, simply visit the link below.

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