August 5, 2012

Zero Peroxide – The Ultimate DIY Teeth Whitening Solution

Yellow teeth are a much more common problem than most people think. As a matter of fact, if you start to inspect the teeth of random strangers on the street (don’t do that), chances are that most of them are going to be yellow, and in most cases it is because of tobacco, coffee, tea, lack of brushing, or anything else that might make your teeth yellow.

In any case, while some of you may be lucky enough to be able to get that yellow out of there with the help of your toothbrush, most of us are simply stuck with what seems to be a permanent discoloration… unless of course you want to go to the dentist and let’s face it, nobody wants to do that.In any case, if yellow teeth are a problem for you (of course they are), then you should take a few minutes to look into the Zero Peroxide home teeth whitening treatment.

What is Zero Peroxide

First of all, why is it called Zero Peroxide? Wouldn’t you prefer to announce the ingredients you do have instead of the ones you don’t? Well, as it turns out, peroxide is actually used in practically all DIY teeth whitening products, and it just so happens that it can be very dangerous for your teeth and gums.

Fortunately, with Zero Peroxide you don’t have to torture yourself to make your teeth the way they are supposed to be.So what does the Zero Peroxide formula use? Well, the main ingredients used are Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Chamomile and Vitamin D. Keep in mind that because the ingredients used are natural there is a slight chance that it won’t work, but such is the case for literally every single natural product out there.

Also, contrary to other at-home teeth whitening kits, Zero Peroxide comes included with a soft comfort mouth tray as well as an LED light and accelerator. All these little factors combined lead to Zero Peroxide providing visible results within 20 minutes of being used.

Why Zero Peroxide is Worth a Shot

To start things off, this may actually be the only DIY teeth whitening solution on the market right now which doesn’t contain any peroxide. In addition to that, it comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee; it only takes 20 minutes to see if it works or not, so you’ll have more than enough time to send it back in case the results aren’t what you expected them to be.

If you would like to learn more about teeth whitening, why Zero Peroxide works or perhaps even place your order, simply visit the link below, where you can find all the information you’ll need.


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  3. The “no peroxide” part does make it more appealing, since that’s what causes the burning sensation and gum sensitivity that can be felt after most DIY teeth whiteners. It’s good that they have a 30-day money back guarantee; it means that they are confident about the result of their product. One thing though: How long before the whitening fades and you have to reapply it again?

    Thanh @ Your Caring Dentist

    1. Hello Thanh, from what I understand if you go through with a complete treatment and don't engage in many activities that would make your teeth yellow, then the results will last somewhere around two years, provided you do regular touch-ups every month or two. However, how long it lasts will really depend on your lifestyle.

  4. Nice post . Thank buddy I would definitely give a try with this method . Since I can save money to see expensive dentist in town .

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  5. I have the same question as Thanh: How long does the whitening last? If the results do last almost as long or longer than the ones with peroxide, then it is definitely a great product to have for whitening teeth. Also, I wonder if you can make a homemade version of this with the listed main ingredients, although I don’t know where I’ll get the vitamin D. Crushed tablets, perhaps?

    1. Hello Lenita, as I've answered Thanh, how long the results last will depend on your lifestyle, but if you take care of your teeth and perform small touch-ups every month or two, the results should last around two years. As for making a homemade version of it, I imagine it would take a bit of knowledge in chemistry in addition to knowing the ingredients to make it happen. Unless you are a professional and know what you are doing, I can't help but recommend against trying that.