September 4, 2012

Nicocure Electronic Cigarette – Smoke Without Worrying About It

While smoking cigarettes (another modern term - analog cigarettes) is primarily a social thing, the fact remains that many people do it because they actually enjoy it; the addiction to nicotine is simply a by-product of the activity.

Unfortunately, the cigarettes we are being sold today are filled with thousands of toxic chemicals, and as I’m sure you know, there is a clear statistical correlation between the number of smokers on the planet and the number of lung cancer cases.

Long story short, smoking is obviously bad for you, but it’s a habit many of us aren’t willing to even try breaking just yet. Back in the 1970s some research was already done about electronic cigarettes, but the technology wasn’t advanced enough to really make them work. Fortunately, in 2006 a Chinese company restarted the research and development on the electronic cigarette, and today there are hundreds of brands to choose from.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

Before talking about the e-cigs themselves, I’d like to answer a question many people have on the tip of their tongue: are electronic cigarettes safe? Well, ever since people have started buying them, there has been one case of an electronic cigarette blowing up in someone’s, knocking out eight of the guy’s teeth. HOWEVER, the guy admitted that he made some personal modification to his model because he wanted to get more vapor when inhaling. In other words, he’s the blacksmith of his own misfortune.

Apart from that, not a single case of e-cigs harming anybody has been noted.It should also be mentioned that electronic cigarettes could very well put tobacco companies out of business relatively soon, which is why many of them are claiming e-cigs to be unsafe… which is exactly what you would expect them to do. The more electronic cigarettes will become popular, the harder tobacco companies will be fighting against them. In any case, let’s go onward with the program.

Nicocure Electronic Cigarette

One of the most popular brands of electronic cigarette is Nicocure. For those who aren't familiar with electronic cigarettes yet, they have a starter kit available, and it’s actually one of the best ones on the market. As far as looks and taste are concerned, rest assured that they look exactly like the real thing, and the tobacco flavor is still as strong as it ever was.

To answer the question many are probably asking, yes you do feel the pleasurable sensation of having smoke go down your lungs, except for a few differences. For starters, you are only going to be smoking a mix of water, nicotine, and in most cases propylene glycol. That’s it. As you can guess, it’s infinitely healthier than regular cigarettes, not to mention that you can actually smoke them anywhere as you’ll only be exhaling water vapor.

Also, it has to be mentioned to e-cigs last much longer than regular ones, and you’ll be saving hundreds, perhaps even a thousand or two on a yearly basis. To reiterate, electronic cigarettes don’t have toxic chemicals, tar, they don’t give you yellow teeth, ad breath, smelly clothes or a smoker’s cough, and you can smoke them virtually anywhere.

The Nicocure Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

While most companies simply include the e-cigarettes and a solid case with their starter kit, Nicocure provides you with 5 flavored tobacco cartomizers, rechargeable lithium batteries, a USB charger, a solid storage case, a wall charger, not to mention that it comes with a lifetime warranty should anything happen.

To learn more about Nicocure and electronic cigarettes or place your order, simply head on over to the link below.


  1. Electronic cigarettes are fashionable and safer compared to traditional cigarettes. A lot of those who want to stop smoking have opted for e-cigs as a start.

  2. Electronic cigarettes use no flame, FOX News just threw their biased spin on this issue pretty dang hard. Explosions? wth. I've seen these little devices, they have no odor, and deliver nicotine to the used. electronic devices turned off on flight? this thing uses a common watch battery. *shaking my head at fox news again

  3. I’m sure you know, there is a clear statistical here correlation between the number of smokers on the planet and the number of lung cancer cases.

  4. The more electronic cigarettes will become popular, Electronic Cigarettes Eliquids the harder tobacco companies will be fighting against them.