September 21, 2012

Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison – A Complete Program to Lose Weight Naturally

Most people believe that to lose weight they simply need to go on a crazy diet and exercise for a few weeks, and all will be well. Unfortunately though, once the weight is lost, most people regress back into their old lifestyle, finding the weight they lost and starting the cycle all over again. Some even believe that permanent weight loss isn’t possible.

However, it is only a question of changing your lifestyle for good rather than doing some extreme modifications for a short period of time. Once you’re healthy, you will want to stay that way. This is the approach Kirstie Alley is taking weight loss with her program called Organic Liaison.

What is the Organic Liaison Program?

If you’re not familiar with Kirstie Alley, then perhaps checking out her IMDB page will jog your memory; she played in a number of notable movies over the years, including Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982), Cheers (1987-1993), Deconstructing Harry (1997), and a bunch of other ones.

In any case, what exactly is the Organic Liaison Program? Well, Kirstie put it into place with the help of various experts in nutrition and fitness. It provides a long-term solution to your weight problems as they help you develop and adhere to healthy diets and a regular exercising regime; they set you on the path to becoming healthy for good, and they help you stay on it all the way through.

The Organic Liaison Products

Naturally, there is more to the program than that: there are various products and supplements you can take to heavily accelerate the process. For instance, there is the Rescue Me Kit which comes with a one-month supply of all the formulas which are used in the program. There is:

  • Rescue Me, USDA-certified organic weight loss product which also contributes to boosting your energy and cleanse your body of impurities. It is also rich in all kinds of essential nutrients.
  • Nightingale, a natural sleep aid which mainly uses L-Tryptophan, an amino acid which is essential to having a good night’s sleep.
  • Release Me, a natural relaxer which eases the stress experienced by your nervous system. It also helps to re-mineralize the body.
  • Pagoda, a special green tea supplement which increase your metabolism, meaning it will help your body rid itself of fat naturally.
  • Finally, there is Relieve Me, a natural colon cleanser, leaving a digestive system that’s nice and tidy. Don’t use unless you have a toilet nearby
  • .

The Organic Liaison Online Plans

Seeing as how this is a program in which you are going to be provided an ongoing service, you will need to get a subscription. They have a three choices at the moment:

  • The monthly online plan includes a complete step-by-step program, a full suite of online tools, tools on the go for an iPhone or an iPad, and access to a Health Director. It costs $15.95 per month, plus an $18.95 sign-up fee.
  • Next is the 3-month online plan which includes everything the monthly plan has, with the exception that you no longer have to pay a sign-up fee, putting the price at $15.95 per month.
  • Finally, there is the Premium Product Plan, including all the features included in the 3-month plan, with a couple of exceptions. First of all, the monthly membership is going to be free, and every month you are going to get a refill for your supplements. While it costs $119 per month, it will save you tons of money in the long run.

All in all, this is one of the most solid weight loss programs out there because of the approach taken; it doesn’t seek to make you fit as fast as possible, but set you on a path which will keep you healthy for a long time.

This is a program that changes your lifestyle for the best, and anyone who can should definitely take advantage of such an opportunity.To learn more about the program or place an order, simply have a look at the following link below.

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