October 10, 2012

Eat Stop Eat – It’s All in the Timing

The human body is a machine more complex than we often give it credit for and any changes we may make to it could end up having far-reaching consequences beyond what we could ever imagine.

If you look at most of the dieting and nutrition programs available, you’ll notice that they all tell you what to eat and how to eat it… however, very few take the time to focus on "when" you should eat it.

The Eat Stop Eat Program

To cut this long story short, Eat Stop Eat is a program designed by Brad Pilon, and it revolves around timing your meals differently. It doesn't tell you to stuff yourself with vegetables or any other kind of food; rather, it focuses on how your body is affected by the timing of your meal. The book examines what happens when you eat in the morning, noon, afternoon, night, a long and short time before and after a workout, before going to bed, straight when you wake up, and pretty much any other scenario you could think of.

More precisely, it looks at how proper, intermittent fasting coupled with specific weight training exercises can help you lose weight and get into shape.

It was specially designed not to slow your metabolism or make you lose muscle, nor are you going to be suffering from intense food cravings. You are simply going to lose weight more easily and faster than with any other method.Keep in mind that if you only want information on what to eat, then you won’t be as satisfied with this as you would be with other systems… however, nothing stops you from combining that which you learn about timing from the book with any other diet you may be looking to follow.

Why Eat Stop Eat is Worth Trying

So why do I believe this system to be worth a shot? Well, for starters, it offers a different approach from what is already up for sale out there, and what an interesting approach it is.

Second of all, the concepts used in this system have undergone clinical testing and have all been proven to work; in other words, the knowledge provided in this book is based on some very trustworthy, medical results.

In addition, it’s nice that the program only makes use of natural methods, without asking you to take any supplements and whatnot. There are also some pretty convincing and interesting "before and after" testimonies to look over, which is always a nice plus.

Finally, it has to be added that Brad gives you the chance to try his system for three days for a deposit of $9.99; if you like it, you will be charged the other $27 (yup, it only costs $37), and if you don’t you can simply cancel the subscription and never think about Eat Stop Eat again.

Knowing all of this, I’m pretty hard-pressed to find a reason not to try it.To learn more about Eat Stop Eat or place your order, head on over to the following link below, where you can find all the information you need.

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