December 11, 2012

The Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Story and How it Can Help You

It seems that somewhat recently more and more people are receiving media coverage for their ability to lose weight, and one of those people happens to be Jennifer Hudson. For those of you who know her, Jennifer has always been quite a plump woman, but it seems as if one day, she just came out to the public a completely different, slim and fit person.

Before looking into the Jennifer Hudson weight loss program she has created, it is important to note that replicating Jennifer’s success will be quite a challenge, unless of course you are wealthy enough to hire a bunch of professionals to help you out with the weight loss process. However, rest assured that in the end, what allowed her to succeed was her own will, and there is a lot we can all learn from the mental approach she used in her situation.

How Jennifer Lost Her Weight

First of all, she decided to register with Weight Watchers, one of America’s most famous weight loss programs. That should be your first step as well: to join some kind of fitness, dieting or weight management club/program. Not only will it provide you with the knowledge as to which exercises to do, what and when to eat, but also the motivation required to make some significant changes to your lifestyle so as to render it healthier.

The second part of her weight loss method was to write down a fitness and dieting journal which she used as a method of self-assessment, nothing down her successes and failures. I’d recommend you follow in the same vein as Jennifer on this one; this will allow you to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, to remember your achievements as well as your mistakes.

Another important part for Jennifer Hudson was letting people around her (friends and family) know that she was losing weight and what her goals were. Of course, going through with this step depends on the kind of family and friends you have, but in most cases, it’s safe to say that those close to you will offer you their support in helping you achieve your goals. While it may not sound like much, but gaining motivation from sources other than yourself will be of a tremendous help to keep you going.

To finish things off, Jennifer recommends for people to put their results on display, whether it’s locally, on Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, or wherever else you would like to share your results. Don’t lack confidence in yourself or your physical appearance; if you have been sticking to your program and progressively losing weight, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the people looking at your photos will have nothing but positive comments for you.

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