January 10, 2013

A Brief Look at the Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Solution

As you probably already know, countless products have been made over the years in hopes of making the weight loss process easier for humans. Needless to say, we are very far from having found the be-all end-all cure to weight problems, but we are nevertheless making some considerable strides towards it, and along the way it seems we are discovering more and more weight loss methods.

Relatively recently it was discovered that there are numerous apple cider vinegar weight loss benefits, and here is a brief examination of what they can do for you.

It Fills You Up

For starters, it has to be said that one of the biggest problems many people face when it comes to weight loss is overeating due to not feeling full. This can even happen two or three hours after eating a big meal.

The good news is that a study was conducted and published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and it was found that adding small amounts of apple cider vinegar to your meals will make practically any food you eat much more filling. You could even just add a bit of it in water, or a drink of your choice while eating your meal.

Sugar Level Stabilization

It is no secret that while many people are trying to lose weight out of vanity, most of us are also doing it because of health concerns. Well, as it turns out, apple cider vinegar can actually help you with an aspect of your health, as a 2005 study has demonstrated it; the ingredients in that vinegar actually work to stabilize blood sugar levels, helping to control your sweet cravings, not to mention doing wonders for diabetics.

Lowering Cholesterol

Finally, it was found that the apple cider vinegar weight loss benefits extend beyond blood sugar and making you feel full; it can actually help to maintain good levels of cholesterol. An experiment was performed on rats, with none of them suffering from diabetes.

The rats were given small doses of apple cider vinegar on a regular basis every day, and it was observed that all the rats were experiencing lowering levels of LDL cholesterol (that’s the bad kind of cholesterol) and stabilizing levels of HDL (the good kind of cholesterol).

At this point, I’d say it doesn't even matter if you are trying to lose weight or not; your cholesterol levels may very well be out of whack, despite you thinking that you are in a good shape.
And so, as is obvious, there apple cider vinegar weight loss benefits are really something to write home about, especially seeing as how we are talking about a natural, cheap and readily-available product you can find at the grocery store.

Also, seeing as how the studies on apple cider vinegar are still in their infancy, it can be theorized that there are plenty more advantages to it, but we just haven’t discovered them yet. No, it’s not the tastiest drink you can find in your house, but in my opinion, living a longer, healthier and happier life far outweighs causing your taste buds some discomfort.

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