January 3, 2013

A Couple of Back Pain Exercises to Relieve and Prevent

While most of us may think that we are going to be spared from physical problems, the truth is that as the human body gets older, the development of debilitating conditions becomes increasingly likely.

One of the conditions most people tend to develop is back pain; whether you have been lifting crates for fifteen years or sitting with your back hunched at your desk for countless hours, you will feel the accumulated effect of physical and mental stress on your body, and especially your back. While it is true that you can take painkillers to deal with it, I’d advise against that, unless of course it is your only resort.

The reason why is because over-the-counter pharmaceuticals tend to bring various debilitating side effects, you can become dependent on them, not to mention that it will only take care of the symptom, but not of the problem itself. In any case, here are a couple of back pain exercises to help you out with your condition.

The Knee to Chest Stretching Exercise

This is a very simple one which shouldn't take you much time or effort to accomplish. You start off by lying on your back with your feet placed as close to your backside as possible without hurting, and it also means that your knees are going to be bent upwards.

Then, in one motion, grab ahold of one of your knees with both of your hands and bring it as close to your chest as possible. Hold it there for about twenty seconds, and then bring it back to its original position.

As you can guess, after that you simply need to do it with the other leg. Once you are done with the second leg, do it with both legs at the same time, and then start the routine over again.

You should do this exercise twice per day, repeating each set three times; in time, it will strengthen your lower back and relieve you of pains you may be feeling in that area.

Stretching Like a Cat

The cat stretch is an exercise which I believe to be very underrated as it heavily contributes to helping you develop your spinal flexibility, and thus, relieving the pain which so bothers you. In any case, this exercise is basically a mimicry of the stretch cats do when they wake up.

You start by positioning yourself on all fours, as if you are about to do a push-up but with your knees on the ground. Then, slowly arch your back downwards, towards the floor; be careful not to push yourself beyond your slight discomfort zone for you could damage your back. In any case, you need to hold that position for a couple of seconds, and then slowly arch your back upwards, towards the ceiling. Do this exercise three times per day, repeat the set three to five times per session.

As you probably know, there are countless more back pain exercises for back pain relief at home, and you can easily find them for free using your search engine of preference.

Don’t try to do them all and overload yourself; simply make a routine which consists of doing two or three of them per day, and given enough time and effort, you will not only relieve yourself of pain, but also strengthen your back and lower the chances of developing any problems with it.

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