January 30, 2013

Three of the Best Home Remedies for Back Pain You can Make Yourself

Unfortunately for humanity, we live in a way which puts a lot of stress on our backs, and it probably goes just as well for you, regardless of whether you are lifting crates eight hours a day or spend your time hunched over piles of TPS reports on your desk. As you can probably guess, back pain is quite a common occurrence in men and women alike, and as people get older they have an increased chance of developing some kind of back-related condition.

While it is true that there are official medical treatments you can undergo for your back, but the truth is that some, if not many of those procedures are a bit of an overkill. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn't undergo surgery or take some kind of medication if your condition requires you to, but I am saying that you should give certain home remedies for back pain a shot, and here are a few to get started.

Remedy #1: The Massage

By far one of the most highly-recommended back pain remedies is asking someone to massage the affected area on your back. Now, not just any type of massage will do. Your massager needs to use herbal massage oils as well as his/her knuckles, starting off gently and slowly increasing the amount of pressure. A few minutes of this massaging technique is a really effective way of relaxing your muscles and relieving you of any pain they may be causing.

Remedy #2: Using the Right Furniture to Re-Align your Back

One of the most common causes of back pain is a misaligned spine in the lower back region. This requires a bit of time to fix, but fortunately, the procedure can be self-performed by anyone with a chair. You must avoid sitting on couches and soft surfaces, favoring firm and solid chairs.

You can also put a small support pillow on the chair before sitting so as to help keep your back and waist aligned with each other. Over time, your spine will start to re-align and the pains will fade away.

Remedy #3: The Powers of the Elements

For this final remedy we will make use of ice and heat. As it happens, ice is a great pain reliever when the back is involved, helping to block neurological pain signals all while reducing swelling and inflammation.

In order to relieve yourself from pain using ice, wrap up a few cubes in a towel and put it on the area which hurts, keeping it there for twenty minutes. Naturally, you can use various substitutes for the ice, such as frozen peas.

In any case, for the first few days you should apply the ice/frozen peas bag whenever you need it. After the first two days, switch your ice for something warm and moist, preferably a towel dipped in warm water.

Lie down with pillows wherever you need them to make yourself comfortable, and put the warm towel on your affected area, after which you need to have someone cover the area with plastic wrap so as to seal the heat in there. Leave it there for 20 minutes. Repeat this process a few times a day for two to three weeks, and you should notice a huge difference in your back.

All in all, remember that if you have some kind of serious back problem, most, if not all home remedies for back pain will only help you to deal with the symptoms… the root cause will remain. In such a case, it is indeed preferable to seek out professional, medical treatment, and the sooner the better; if there is one thing out there which doesn't wait before escalating, it’s back pain.

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