February 5, 2013

Are there Coconut Oil Weight Loss Benefits?

Quite recently natural methods of weight loss have become more and more popular, which has inevitably led to a widespread increase of products which can allegedly help you lose weight, with coconut oil being one of the more recent ones.

In an attempt to clear the mist and provide some definitive answers as to whether or not there are coconut oil weight loss benefits to speak of, here is a look at the information gathered in regards to it by the Mayo Clinic.

The Coconut Oil Weight Loss Claims

Before looking into what it actually does, I’d like to simply take a moment and remind you of what coconut oil is actually supposed to do, or at least, if you are going by the claims of those using it in their weight loss programs.

Allegedly, when the oil is extracted from fresh coconuts, it contains medium chain fatty acids which aren't stored in the body’s fat and are burned more quickly for energy. In other words, it’s meant to be a type of oil which provides your body with all the benefits of fat without any of the negative consequences.

What the Mayo Clinic has Compiled

According to the information obtained from the website, a few studies have already been conducted in order to test what effects, if any, coconut oil has on a person’s weight, body fat percentage, dimensions and their BMI, or body mass index if you will. Now, I know that the BMI is far from being the most reliable measure one can take, but alongside all of the other factors they were looking out for, it’s safe to say that you shouldn't concern yourself with the validity of their results.

What results? Well, it was determined that even coconut oil can potentially help to reduce the size of your waist, it doesn’t contribute nor does it lead to any significant weight loss or a reduction of the body mass index. In other words, the coconut oil weight loss benefits are cosmetic so to say.

In addition, it was found that coconut oil is very high in calories and saturated fat, with one tablespoon containing up to 117 calories and 13.6 grams of fat. As a matter of fact, to quote the article by Katherine Zeratsky (you can check it out at the end of the article), “Coconut oil has more saturated fat than lard does”… and that’s saying a lot considering lard is pure pig fat. All in all, I’m sorry to say it, but it seems like coconut oil is far from being a solution if you are looking to achieve a type of weight loss that will actually make you a healthier person and not just slim your waist a bit.

Here is a link to the article I used as a source: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/coconut-oil-and-weight-loss/AN01899

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