February 14, 2013

How DHT is Connected to Hair Loss

First of all, I’d like to mention that there isn’t one cause that will lead everyone to hair loss and baldness, so you shouldn't automatically assume that your condition is caused by something.

For instance, many believe that their hair loss is a result of poor genetics, when in reality, that is only half the problem, if even that.

DHT is a hormone found in the human body, and while it is found mostly in males, women also have it in a small quantity. As it happens, scientific studies have shown a direct link between DHT levels and hair loss, and so here is a look as to how the two are connected.

To start things off, it was found that DHT is directly affected by the amount of testosterone a body is capable of producing. The less testosterone the body produces, the higher the level of DHT becomes, blocking the growth of hair.

What of women? Well, it’s the same concept, but with estrogen instead of testosterone. It is very likely that more studies will be required so as to fully understand the DHT hormone, but as of now it is known that it actually kills of hair in certain places and high quantities of it simply prevent new ones from growing.

The effects of a high level of DHT can vary, especially between the two genders. When it comes to men the hair loss generally happens in patches, causing weird bald spots on your head as well as your body. For women, the story is a bit different, and perhaps bit more reassuring even: instead of there being localized areas where hair loss occurs, the hairs themselves become thinner all over the place.

There is a way to slow down the hair loss process, if indeed your problem is an elevated level of DHT in your blood: you can actually get your body to stop producing DHT. As it happens, there are many different supplements out there intended for this particular purpose, and while completely stopping your body’s DHT production permanently isn’t exactly possible, you can drastically slow it down. After all, lower estrogen and testosterone levels come with aging, and so far, we haven’t found a way to fight that.

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