February 3, 2013

Adhering to your Paleo Diet Breakfast rules with “Easy Breakfast Bites”

One of the main problems people have with the Paleo diet is that the many restrictions it imposes can make it difficult to put some variety in your meals. Seeing as how the Paleo diet is a program which needs to be followed on a long-term basis, you need to put some variety in your meals; just because you are losing weight and becoming healthier doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself from one of life’s essential joys.

The good news is that anyone out there who isn’t a great or versatile cook (which, incidentally, is a group that encompasses most people out there, including myself) can actually vary their Paleo diet breakfast quite easily with the help of Easy Breakfast Bites.

What is Easy Breakfast Bites?

To start things off, it was put together by a person by the name of Jedha, whose goal was to create a repertoire of Paleo diet breakfast recipes which could be used in order to make that first meal of the day much more pleasant and less boring.

Seeing as how Jedha is following the Paleo diet, you can rest assured that every single recipe in Easy Breakfast Bites is compatible with the Paleo diet, containing no gluten, sugar, grain or dairy and being very low on carbohydrates.

Why I think Easy Breakfast Bites is Worth a Shot

To put it simply, it’s pretty hard to get a product like this wrong, especially for someone who knows how to cook, with the author of this book obviously being a person with such qualifications. Just a look at the preview recipes they have posted on the website lets you know that the book contains some pretty epic meals and keeps its promises of being gluten, sugar, grain and dairy-free (and low on carbs).

As a matter of fact, even those who don’t have to follow the Paleo diet should check out the recipes in this book; they are about as healthy as you could expect them to get, all while being absolutely ravishing to your taste buds. The instructions are very detailed, concise and simple to follow, making it very hard for you to mess up, regardless of your cooking skills.

Also I have to say that the bonuses are pretty nice, with a printable version of the book you can carry around with you as well as ten quick-start videos about cooking in general to help you unleash the inner chef we’re all hiding deep down on the inside.

What it boils down to, at least in my eyes, is: if you are looking to expand your repertoire of Paleo diet breakfast recipes (or even just your normal repertoire of breakfast meals) with absolutely delicious meals, then this book is at least worth a shot, mainly because that’s exactly what it promises, and apparently delivers.

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