February 10, 2013

Foods to Avoid when Controlling your Hunger

There are many things you need to deal with when trying to lose some weight, with your hunger being one of the most important ones. Unfortunately, even though there is no shortage of foods out there which were made in order to help you deal with such a problem, there is also no shortage of foods that amplify it.

Indeed, there are certain foods which can actually make your hunger episodes even worse, and here are a few of the most common ones you ought to avoid.

Sugary Cereals

Contrary to what you may instinctively believe, cereals with high sugar content are no better than regular ones at curbing hunger.

As a matter of fact, in most cases, sugary cereals are highly processed and contain very few nutrients your body can actually consume. In other words, you’re just stuffing yourself with empty calories.

You should try and purchase sugarless cereals, such as oat or bran cereals, so as to decrease the calories you consume and actually feed your body with nutrients it needs.

White Rice

After eating white rice you actually experience a very large blood sugar spike, followed by a decline that is just as sharp, stemming from your body’s natural reaction to produce a heck ton of insulin.

As your sugar levels crash, you feel the hunger coming back again, and your brain asks you to consume more food. Long story short, avoid white rice!

Snack Bars

While they may be advertised as good ways of staving off hunger without overeating, but the truth is that they tend to have a high carbohydrate content with very little protein or fat to compensate for it.

As a result, your hunger is initially satisfied, but you once again experience a sugar spike, after which your insulin makes it crash down, and bam! You’re hungry again, and probably digging into another snack bar. Instead of bars you should use fruits and/or vegetables for your snacks, absent any sauces or dips of course.


Finally, I guess this really didn’t need to be said, but many people like to cheat from time to time on their diet with candy: it’s small, so you feel like you can control your dosage. However, most of us know how hard it can be to stop once you have started, and even if you didn’t eat a lot of them, most brands are so loaded with sugar that only a few of them are enough to give you a spike.

At first, you do feel energetic, but as was with the previous cases, you are soon going to feel a crash, and when the insulin kicks in, you’ll want to eat again.

And so here are the main types of food to avoid when trying to lose weight, and I’m sure you can think or find some more of them. Remember that knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what you need to take, whether in terms of food or supplements.

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