February 12, 2013

The 4 Most Common Hair Loss Causes

Unfortunately we are still far from having developed the be-all end-all cure to hair loss, but the good news is that medical science has made some progress on the subject, determining many of the causes to this nefarious condition.

What follows is a look at the four scientifically-determined hair loss causes which are more often than not the root of one’s hairless misery.


To get the obvious one out of the way, let us discuss genetics. Even though it isn’t the most common cause of hair loss, it does play a significant role in some cases. I’m sure you already know how hereditary conditions work: they are passed on from parents to children, and though they don’t always manifest themselves, they remain present and keep on living until one’s family line dies out.

When it comes to hair loss, it was determined that the hereditary condition passed on was Androgenetic Alopecia, or in other words, baldness; unfortunately, it’s a pretty common disorder.


Perhaps the main cause of hair loss, DHT is a hormone which is mainly affected by the body’s testosterone levels. When it is produced in large amounts, DHT prevents the growth of hair, eventually leading to baldness.

Even though this is a male hormone, women also have a bit of it running through their veins, and those that have hair follicles sensitive to DHT can start losing hair just like men.

For men, an overproduction of DHT will lead to a baldness from the front through the crown, while for women the overall of their hair will become thinner. It is estimated that about one in every two people will have a problem with their DHT levels by their 50th birthday.

Bad Blood Circulation

In some cases, hair loss has been attributed to poor blood circulation, with certain studies having demonstrated that men who suffer from baldness have a poorer blood flow to their scalp than those who didn’t.

Fortunately, it is quite easy to improve your blood circulation by eating foods with plenty of antioxidants and exercising on a regular basis.


Unfortunately, the air surrounding us is toxic to a certain extent; over time, many of its polluting agents and chemicals build up in our lungs as well as our bloodstream. Over time certain studies have demonstrated something very interesting: the pollution actually causes the creation of what are known as “environmental hormones”, which in turn contribute to hair loss, and perhaps even the development of some other conditions.

As you can see, there really is no shortage of factors out there that contribute to hair loss in both men and women, but in the end, it all boils down to hormonal imbalances and blood circulation. Fortunately, it is possible to stave off hair loss by simply leading a healthier lifestyle, and perhaps taking certain supplements designed to fight it.

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