February 24, 2013

All there is to Know about Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a type of condition which I like to refer to as a parent condition, having many sons and daughters, with one of them being lower back pain.

In other words, it’s a sub-category of the back pain condition. I believe that I don’t really need to give you a definition of the condition, but I’ll do it anyway just for the sake of it.

Lower back pain refers to pain, whether permanent, regular or irregular, experienced in the lower region of the back, right where the kidneys and the top of the pelvis are.

The Causes of Lower Back Pain

While there are a number of different causes that can end up leading to back pain, there are two that are by far more common than others: trauma (repeated or one-time) and muscular imbalance.

By trauma you could imagine anything from constantly lifting crates all the way to being wacked with a sledgehammer in the back; it refers to the damage that has been caused to your back. When it comes to muscular imbalance, it can often lead to various postural dysfunctions that prevent your spine and pelvis from being properly aligned together.

Such a misalignment damages your structure even deeper. In any case, you need to understand that except for cases of instant trauma, lower back pain doesn’t come overnight, but rather, it is more of a manifestation of the wear and tear your body has been experiencing over the years.

The Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Apart from feeling pain in the lower region of your back, it is possible for the pain to shoot off and radiate to your arms and legs. There are certain rare cases in which people experience a loss of bladder control along with the back pains, and should that be your situation, it is very important that you immediately get to an emergency room as it is considered a medical emergency.

The Lower Back Pain Treatments

These days, physicians tend to lean towards cortisone injections, anti-inflammatory pills and muscle relaxants to treat lower back pains. Chiropractors also have a few tricks up their sleeve, including spinal mobilization, ultrasounds, electric stimulation, hot packs and a large array of therapeutic exercises.

Finally, should things be too bad for you to handle, you may have to consider surgery, but that really should be your last option. There are many traditional treatments available for back pain, but most, if not all of them simply deal with the symptoms rather than the causes. If you want to go natural, be careful as to the expectations you have.

My Recommendation to Deal with the Lower Back Pain

Well, for starters I’d like to say that there are plenty of medications out there, and I’m sure that many of them can do wonders for you. Recently, I’ve come to discover this thing called Heal-n-Soothe, a completely natural formula that has actually been shown to relieve the symptoms and take care of the causes at the same time.

There are no side effects to it, the relief comes within a few minutes after ingestion, it boosts your immune system, it can improve your mobility and flexibility, it’s effectiveness has been proven in over 76 scientific research studies.

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