February 27, 2013

“The Melt Method” by Sue Hitzmann – A Holistic Program Based on Biology

For those out there who don’t know of her, Sue Hitzmann is a nationally-acclaimed manual therapist as well as educator who has helped countless patients find relief from their pains through natural and holistic ways.

What’s more, she actually dedicated part of her life to helping people change their way of living and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Part of her method consisted of publishing a book titled The MELT Method; it has received a considerable amount of positive feedback, and not without reason.

Instead of going the usual route by giving you some kind of dieting program to follow and an exercising regime, The MELT Method first teaches you about the human body, how the different organs and tissues in the body interact with each other, and where various pains originate from.

In addition, she covers the topic of what it takes for the body to be truly healthy on the inside, making the connection between our numerous biological processes and effects they have on stress, weight gain or loss, pain, and more. After that, she presents you with a large number of techniques that you can use on a daily basis without any equipment or putting a dent in your schedule.

The techniques you choose to implement in any given day won’t even take up ten minutes of your time, nor will they leave you physically exhausted or anything of the sort; they will simply help you balance yourself and control your own body to heal and shield yourself. As it happens, the body has very powerful natural restorative properties, and Sue Hitzmann is only taking advantage of them.

Considering the overwhelming amount of people who have tried The MELT Method and have claimed their lives to have changed, I’m very inclined to believe that this book works (and that’s without taking into account Sue Hitzmann’s well-earned reputation). However, something needs to be made clear: while the techniques and exercises in this book can help you to get rid of your pains and balance your body, they aren't going to be enough to achieve good overall health.

In order to do that, you will also need to follow the book’s teachings, especially ones pertaining to making permanent changes to your lifestyle. The path to restoring yourself isn’t exactly easy, but in the end it can be one of the most rewarding things on this planet.

All in all, I can definitely recommend this book to anyone out there who doesn’t simply want to lose weight or build muscles, but actually become healthy and fit all-around with the purpose of preservation rather than vanity.

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