February 22, 2013

Five Exercises to Help Relieve Wrist Pain

With everyone seemingly suffering from neck and back pains, it can be easy to forget that for some us, there is nothing worse than wrist pain. Our hands are wonderful instruments that we use on a daily basis, thus subjecting them to tons of wear and tear.

The good news is that there is are a few exercises out there you could perform to help alleviate the pain and strengthen your wrist so as to prevent it from setting in again.

The Basic Stretch

To start this exercise place your forearm on the table, face down, and have your wrist hanging away from the edge. Then, take your other hand, grasp your fingers, and slowly stretch your wrist upwards and downwards, repeating the motion about ten times. Subsequently, do the same thing from side to side ten times.

Say Your Prayers

For this exercise, clasp your hands together as if you were praying, only use your fingers to grip your opposite hands. Then, slowly extend your elbows outwards and bring your hands down, while still clasping them. Go slowly until you feel a good stretch, and then slowly bring your elbows down and your hands up. Do it ten to fifteen times.

The Tennis/Stress Ball Exercise

This one is quite simple, and all you need for it is either a tennis or a larger stress ball. Simply make a fist around it as much as you can, and then squeeze it as hard as possible without feeling pain, and then hold the position for five seconds. Repeat the entire process up to ten times.

Extended Arm Stretch

As its name implies, the exercise requires you to stretch your arms out forward as much as possible. Then, grab the fingers of one hand with the opposite one, and start stretching them down and back so that they are pointing to the floor and the palm of your wrist is pointing upwards.

After holding the position for fifteen to thirty seconds, stretch the fingers upwards towards the ceiling and pull back on them, with the palm of your wrist facing the ground. Hold the position for fifteen to thirty seconds and then repeat the process with the other hand.

The Rubber Band Stretch

Finally, this exercise will require you to have a rubber band, something you could probably buy at your local dollar store. In any case, you need to hold one of your hands face down and flat in front of you, placing the rubber band around your fingers and then clasping them into a fist. Slowly, you will need to open up your fingers and let the resistance band itself make your forearm muscles work. Once your fingers are completely open, hold the position for about twenty seconds, and repeat the process from ten to fifteen times.

These are only a few of the exercises you could do to provide yourself with some relief for your wrist pain, and there are plenty more out there you could find to provide yourself with some much-needed relief. However, if you fear that you have some kind of condition that goes beyond regular joint pains, it is highly recommended that you take the time to see a professional about it.

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