March 12, 2013

A Quick Look at the Four Best Foods for Weight Loss

If you’ve already dabbled in weight loss, then you are probably aware that eating the proper foods is a huge factor when it comes to determining your success in the process. The truth, however, is that most of us simply lack the knowledge to put together a comprehensive dieting program; we don’t know which foods contain how many calories and nutrients. In hopes of helping you out, here is a look at the four best foods for weight loss that you can easily find at your local grocery store.

Apples – A Great Source of Fiber

Perhaps the most commonly-consumed fruit in the world, the apple actually bears an important advantage for weight loss: a high fiber content in a low-calorie package.

Each apple contains around ninety to a hundred calories, but around three to five grams of fiber, which is a lot. More fiber means more efficient bowel movements, which in turn makes you lighter and more energetic, an important predisposition to have when losing weight.

Cinnamon – The Fat Blocker and Insulin Controller

Used in countless pastries around the world, cinnamon actually prevents the body from storing some of the fat it doesn’t need after eating a meal.

If you eat about half a teaspoon to a full teaspoon of it per day, you will not only block the absorption of some of the fat from your meals, but you’ll also lower your blood sugar levels, preventing insulin spikes after meals which cause the body to store unnecessary amounts of fat.

Garlic – Bad Breath in the Name of Weight Loss

While it is true that your breath isn’t something to behold once you’ve eaten garlic, the truth is that it is one of the best foods for weight loss out there.

A clinical study has actually been conducted, subjugating two groups of people to the exact same routine, with the only exception that one group was given a zero-calorie garlic spice powder on their food.

At the end of it, those who were fed the garlic lost on average around thirty pounds, and those weren't fed the garlic lost around two pounds.

Black Beans – The Active Fat Burners

To start things off, a research has actually demonstrated that people who consume black beans tend to be slimmer, and science has actually backed it up. As it happens, black beans contain a combination of fiber, protein and resistant starch, a carbohydrate which specializes in burning fat.

All in all, eating black beans on a regular basis will improve your bowel movements, will give you more energy in order to work out, and it will actually speed up the fat burning process which your metabolism is already working on.

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