March 6, 2013

Three Simple Ways to Accelerate your Metabolism and Drop the Pounds

Regardless of how you approach the weight loss process, chances are that you aren’t exactly having an easy time restricting your diet and forcing yourself to work out on a regular basis. However, the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you consume, and so you plow on forth until you reach your goal.

What many ignore though is that there are numerous things you can do to accelerate your weight loss process, and one of them is boosting your metabolic rate, forcing your body to burn more of its stored fat. There are a few simple ways you can do that, and here’s a look at what they are.

Increasing your Protein Consumption

The first thing to do in order to increase your metabolism is to increase your protein consumption. Why is that? Well, the body cannot exactly absorb and use all of the calories it is being fed.

As a result, many of them are stocked as fat, contributing to your weight problem. On an average diet, people generally absorb somewhere around 70 to 75% of the calories they eat.

However, if you take the time to make your diet one rich in protein, you’ll be able to absorb and use around 95 to 98% of your calories. This means that your body will actually burn the calories you eat rather than storing them. It will basically make your body burn through the fat it has at a faster rate.

Go for High-Intensity Workouts

When you are working out, you have the choice between long and mild workouts or short intense ones. While it may seem like long and mild might be the answer, the truth is that elevating your metabolic rate can be achieved through shorter, high-intensity exercises… not to mention that you won’t even need to spend as much time in the gym anymore, which is a real bonus if your schedule is a busy one.

After high-intensity workouts, the body tends to increase its metabolic rate in order to adjust and provide the muscles with the energy they need, with the good news being that in most cases, the body remains in this state for up to two days after exercising.

Using a Metabolism Booster

Finally, it has to be said that there are countless supplements out there, and some of them are actually dedicated to boosting your metabolism. While some of them haven’t exactly gotten good reviews, there are other ones, such as Phen375 for example, that have proven themselves to be effective supplements people have success with. Keep in mind that regardless of what supplement you are taking, it is still important for you to keep on dieting and exercising.

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