March 13, 2013

A Few Juicing for Weight Loss Recipes to Help you Drop the Weight

One of the most important aspects of the weight loss process is actually being able to keep it all off once you are slim. One way to ensure that is to make various changes to your lifestyle throughout the weight loss process, so that when it ends, you will be used to following a different, healthier way of living.

While it may sound like a daunting process, you need to start by feeding your body all the nutrients it needs, and as it happens, you can actually do so and help yourself with the weight loss process with homemade juices. And so, here is a look at some juicing for weight loss recipes that can help you lose the pounds faster and keep them off for good.

Fruit and Veggie Cocktail

This first recipe of ours is quite simple, mixing a few nutritious fruits and vegetables together. All you need is a four-inch cucumber, a broccoli stalk, fifteen baby carrots, three quarters of an apple, and about a quarter to a half of an unpeeled lemon.

Juice all the ingredients one by one, and then mix it all together for a refreshing drink with only 135 calories and plenty of nutrients.

The Sweet Mix

If you have a sweet tooth, then this is definitely a recipe you’ll want to look into, or at least inspire yourself from. All you need for it are one and a half to two cups of spinach, a quarter to half a beet, half of an unpeeled lemon, and one full jimaca, a sweet, starchy and extremely hydrated vegetables that gives out plenty of juice.

It doesn’t even require peeling. Just like for the previous recipe, juice all of the ingredients one by one and then mix them all together for a sweet drink containing only 110 calories.

Fruits and Berries for the Extravagant Juicer

If you’d be interested in having a sweet juice made from various berries with just a little hint of orange, I definitely urge you to try out the following mix. You’ll need about forty to fifty raspberries, fifteen to twenty strawberries, and one full, peeled orange.

Juice all the ingredients and then mix them together for a drink of only 140 calories. It should also be added that the juice is also perfect for being used on your ice cream to give it a bit of a more exotic flavor.

Truly, there is no shortage of juicing for weight loss recipes that you can use in order to nourish your body without breaking your calorie limit, and the three above are good enough to get you started. However, I urge you to go out there and find as many recipes as you can; just because you are losing weight doesn’t mean you can’t have tasty drinks.

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