March 26, 2013

Three Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss to Accelerate the Process

At this point, I’m pretty sure that most, if not all of you know that regardless of what you may read on the packaging of a juice, if you’ve bought it from a grocery store or a supermarket, chances are it isn’t fresh, or even entirely natural. No matter which way you twist it, there are always a few things added in order to ensure the juice will remain good for long periods of time.

Needless to say, such juices are far from having the nutritional and health benefits homemade juices do, and so here is a look at three juicing recipes for weight loss that are not only delicious, but also very nutritious.

Cruciferous Vegetable Cocktail

Cruciferous vegetables contain some very valuable nutrients for the body, and instead of eating tons of them you could make the following juice as a substitute.

You are going to need a red tomato, a beetroot, four peeled carrots, two pears (green or yellow), two red or yellow apples, four slices of pineapple, four brussel sprouts, four cauliflowers, three arugula leaves and five to seven broccoli florets.

Put all of the ingredients one by one in your juicing machine, cut them up if need be, and don’t forget to wash and peel everything that needs to be, such as the carrots and the beetroots. This should give you four to five servings of the jucie.

The Kidney Cleanser

As you know, watermelons have the awesome effect of helping to purify your kidney and urinary tract, not to mention that they can make you feel full without forcing you to eat a lot of calories. In order to make this juice, you are going to need two full cups of watermelon cubes, and two other cups of cantaloupe cubes. Preferably, ensure that they are cold before you juice them one by one, and then add one or two small pieces of peeled ginger at the end.

The Carrot Cleanse

This juice is more about helping to rid your body of various impurities and detoxify your digestive system. To make this juice, you are going to need four large carrots (washed and trimmed), a big stalk of celery, one red or yellow apple, a bit of spinach and lemon juice.

Put the ingredients through the juicer one by one, then mix it with the lemon juice, and enjoy.

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  1. Please share the recipes too so that we will be more benefited.

    1. Hey there, first of all thanks for taking the time to comment, and second of all these are the recipes, I just didn't write them in point format as most places do. Seeing as how these are juices there really isn't much in the way of recipes I need to give: all you need to know are what ingredients to use and how much of them, and you can find all that information in this article. I will take your comment into account and will think about re-writing the recipes in point form.

      -Best Regards, David

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