March 20, 2013

A Few Methods to Relieve Yourself from Pregnancy Back Pain

While at the beginning it may not exactly make itself felt in full force, by the end of it, on average, a pregnant woman will have gained an extra 29 pounds in her belly.

Also, this isn’t the kind of weight you can simply strap on or off you have to carry it with you all day and night long, and as you can imagine, it can end up being quite a strenuous workout.

Of course, in the end, the pregnancy results in something incredibly rewarding... however, that doesn’t come without a fair share of sacrifices, with the main one being a pain-free back. Considering the added weight at the belly during pregnancy, it is far from being surprising that many women end up suffering with back pains. However, the baby’s weight is only one part of the whole equation.

Back Pain Causes during Pregnancy

Accelerate Hormone Production – When a woman becomes pregnant the body tends to produce a number of different hormones in high quantity, such as relaxin which has for role to relax the muscles and joints around the pelvis. The shift in the joints and muscles make it harder for your back to support the extra weight, resulting in back pain.

Separated Muscles – As the uterus expands over the course of the pregnancy, some of the muscles, especially the rectal and abdominal ones, are going to separate from each other along a seam, which worsens the condition even further.

Deviated Center of Gravity – As your belly is going to expand, your center of gravity is going to shift slightly forward, changing up your posture and putting some stress on your back, which itself is in worse position to absorb it than before.

While pregnancy ought to be a memorable time for a woman’s life, in most cases, it is so mostly because of the pain rather than the joy it brought. The good news is that there are simply methods which you can safely try at home through which you can relieve yourself from the pain and make the process a bit more bearable.

Simple Tricks to Use Every Day

  • When you need to pick up something, don’t bend over, but squat and push up with your legs to ease the amount of stress you put on the back.
  • Avoid wearing high heels and only put on comfortable shoes. There are even special pregnancy shoes out there.
  • Whenever you sit try to elevate your feet ever so slightly.
  • Stand straight and tall so as to lessen the stress on your back muscles.
  • When sleeping try to be on your side rather than your back, and in order to keep your spine aligned, put a pillow in between your knees.

A Few Long-Term Methods to Easy Pregnancy Back Pain

Take a Hot Bath

This is the time-proven method that pregnant women have been using for ages. The warm water helps to soothe your muscles and the weightlessness you feel when in the water is perfect for taking any kind of stress off the back. Make sure the water is no hotter than 100 degrees (Fahrenheit of course).

Use a Seating Aid

While chairs are indeed great inventions, for pregnant women, sitting on them, especially for longer periods of time, can become more of a challenge than anything else. Keeping your posture up becomes increasingly difficult, and once the back pain sets in, there isn’t comfortable position you can adopt. There are plenty of seating aids available out there; they are little contraptions designed to relieve your back of the stress you feel when sitting.

To help you start your search for a seat aide, check out The Freedom Back. Apparently it’s a pretty soft and durable support pillow that is designed to fit the shape of your back, from the top of it all the way down to your hips. It even has a unique little channel for the spine to provide it with support without putting any pressure on it. It even comes with a massager that improves your circulation.

Alternatively, I’d also recommend that you check out the Back Joy Core, an orthotic that you sit on after placing it on your chair. It improves your posture, and as you can guess, takes pressure off your back muscles, letting them relax and straighten up.

Holistic Back Pain Treatment Systems

First off, unless it’s absolutely necessary, I’ll never recommend that you take any pharmaceuticals or pills whatsoever to relieve your back pain during pregnancy; stick to simple pain relief methods and exercises. After all, the side effects could end up damaging your baby. With that being said, there are plenty of back pain treatment programs out there, like The Lose the Back Pain for example. It’s a pretty simple guide that teaches about back pain during pregnancy, providing plenty of exercises, tips and stretches you can do in order to relieve it. All in all, I’d say it’s worth at least a look.

Another example of a pretty good system you could use is the Trigger Point Self-Treatment one, and it focuses on the concept of muscle knots, how they are notorious for causing tons of pain, and how they can be undone in order to provide yourself with some much-needed back pain relief.

As you can guess, there are plenty of alternative treatment methods you could give a shot in hopes of finding some kind of relief, such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, audio therapy, physical therapy, and more. The pregnancy back pain relief methods listed above are the more popular ones though, and I suggest you start with them before branching off.

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