March 18, 2013

Getting Rid of Pain with Proteolytic Enzymes

If you’ve had a rough life or, like me, aren’t exactly genetically-gifted, then chances are that you are well familiar with the concept of physical pain. Of course, I’m not referring to pain that comes from beatings or anything of the sort; I’m referring to pains which originate from some kind of physical imbalance or condition.

For instance, it is known that stress can lead to muscle pain, just like frail joints can lead to joint pain. In most cases, the pain is referred to as “inflammation”, which is quite accurate considering in most situations the pain does originate from the swelling.

I spent some time studying the concept of pain from a biological perspective, and I’ve discovered that the human body does have a natural mechanism used to deal with it: proteolytic enzymes. Long story short, they are produced by your body in order to defend against inflammation and get rid of it. However, it is unfortunate that with age, our body’s ability to produce that enzyme declines, making our body far less able to deal with pain… this starts somewhere around the age of 25.

What Most People Do

In such a case, most people go the only route they know: pharmaceutical pills. However, this is one dangerous path that can even end up being deadly. Most, if not all pharmaceuticals out there come with a bunch of side effects, and if you take the time to read carefully, you’ll find that some of them are potentially deadly. In addition to that, with time, the medicaments will be less effective as your body will develop a tolerance to them. So what kind of solution can one look towards to?

The Solution

Well, it is quite simple: you need to externally add more proteolytic enzymes to your system. If you replace your body’s production with an external source, then nobody will know the difference and your system will be able to deal with the inflation once again, with the best part being that there will be no side effects to deal with.

In other words, by taking some kind of proteolytic enzyme supplement you will be able to actively relieve yourself of all types of pains, increase your mobility, strengthen your immune system, with certain studies even demonstrating that this type of enzyme therapy can improve your cardiac health and ward off Alzheimer’s disease.

Choosing your Supplement

I won’t pretend that there is only one product that deserves to be used in this category, but the truth is that there isn’t a whole lot of them. One of the few that has proven its worth over the years is Heal-n-Soothe.

It is an all-natural proteolytic enzyme formula, containing absolutely no filler ingredients or preservatives. It combines different enzymes that are responsible for pain relief in the humanbody, including Protease AM, Protease 6.0, Alkaline Protease, Papain and Bromelain and it’s absolutely 100% safe to consume with absolutely no side effects. I definitely suggest that you start your search for the right supplement with Heal-n-Soothe.

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