April 22, 2013

The Reliability of Before and After Weight Loss Pictures

Practically every company out there which promotes beauty and weight loss products considers it standard procedure to provide its customers with before and after pictures as proof of the product working. Chances are that in the last hour or two you spent online you’ve come across a few before and after weight loss pictures, coupled with some kind of advertisement warning you not to miss out on some kind of super special offer.

It needs to be said that at first sight, the pictures are quite convincing; after all, they are simple displays of what people looked like before and after using a product. However, the closer you look into them, the more questions pop up, and the more reason there is to doubt them.

Why Doubt the Pictures

To begin with the obvious, despite claims, we have absolutely no way of knowing when the pictures were taken. There were some companies who were exposed in the past for finding fit people to use for the “after” picture, and then paying them to tack on weight for the “before” picture. In other words, they might have been taken in reverse order.

Apart from that, there is the question of picture quality and setting. In practically every case, the person depicted in the “before” picture will be standing in the most unattractive posture possible, they are going to have a sad and long face, all while basking under bright, clinical lights from the worst angle imaginable.

In the “after” picture, if you take the time to notice, the subject is always smiling, standing in a more confident posture, under warm lighting and being shot from a different, more attractive angle. To explain it differently, the effects the product has on people may be exaggerated through before and after weight loss pictures.

Finally, it needs to be added the certain photos are blatantly fakes, and they actually admit to it by putting a tiny text under the photo which says something like “dramatization stock photo”. In other words, the subjects of these photos have nothing to do with the product and are only a theoretical showcase at best of what the product could help accomplish.

When to Trust Before and After Pictures

Believe it or not, there are instances when the pictures can indeed be trusted. Your first sign of pictures being honest is them clearly depicting the same subject, under the same conditions; this shows that, at the very least, they do not wish to exaggerate the product’s effects. In addition to that, always look for the testimony or signature of the person represented in the photos; their presence is a clear sign of legitimacy.

Finally, the most reliable way of seeing how people were before and after weight loss products is through the use of a video diary. There are many people out there who film themselves through the different stages of using some kind of system, showing the world and telling them about the experience. When you are going to see the same person experiencing visible changes, detailing his or experience over the course of multiple videos, there will be little, if any room for doubt left as to whether or not they are being honest.

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