April 25, 2013

Smoke Safely – Smoking Without Drawbacks

Smoke Safely Electronic Cigarettes Developed by SmokersAs pretty much all of you know at this point, even though millions, if not billions of people on this planet smoke cigarettes, they do have various health detriments to speak of. Most people who quit do so out of concern for their health, but the problem is that nicotine is a very addictive ingredient, meaning that quitting it can be extremely hard.

Well, this is where electronic cigarettes come in, as they allow you to smoke flavored nicotine vapor, which amounts to the same thing as smoking a cigarette without any of the health detriments generally found in the smoke. If you want to keep on smoking (or find it hard to stop), then perhaps you should have a look at what brands such as Smoke Safely have to offer.

Smoke Safely Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigs developed by Smoke Safely follow pretty much the same model as all other e-cigs, using the same parts (cartomizer, atomizer...etc...etc...) and providing you with cartridges filled with e-liquid containing nicotine, water and propylene glycol, a non-toxic element. Their e-cigarettes generate no smoke, tar or fire, are available in numerous flavors of nicotine. In addition, it should be mentioned that one of their e-liquid cartridges contains the equivalent of two packs of smokes.

If you want to keep on smoking, then Smoke Safely will allow you to do so with none of the harm traditionally associated with it. Yes, you will still be inhaling nicotine, but none of the other hundreds of toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. The only (theoretically) unhealthy aspect of it would be the habit itself.

If you want to quit smoking, then Smoke Safely can help you as well. It is much easier to control the amount of nicotine you inhale with electronic cigarettes, for you can inhale only one puff at a time without feeling like you are going to waste anything if you don’t keep on going. At the same time that you are lowering the amount of nicotine you consume on a daily basis, you are also going to be safeguarding yourself from the dangers of tobacco. Even if it takes you a while to quit, you won’t have to rush it for fear of ruining yourself.

The Smoke Safely Products

Just to give you a brief idea of what they have to offer, here’s a quick overview of you can buy from them. To begin, you can, of course, get all the basic accessories, such as USB, outlet and car chargers, a pouch, an atomizer and a battery.

After that, we have the e-liquids. They are available in either individual packets of 20mg, or in variety packets containing four flavors, each of them coming in a 5mg bottle. As of now, they have a total of four different flavors available: Lariat, Menthol, Cappuccino, and Blueberry.

After the liquids come the actual e-cigs themselves. First, they have the Smoke Safely Joe Stick Starter Kit, coming with 2 e-cigs with rechargeable batteries, 2 atomizers, one bottle of premium e-liquid of whichever flavor you prefer, one home outlet charger, one USB charger, a portable pouch, and an instructional manual. It comes at a price of $99.95. Finally, they also sell the Disposable Smoke Safely E-Cigarettes pack. It contains 4 electronic cigarettes that can only be used once until they are depleted, and you get to choose which flavors.

The Final Verdict

All in all, Smoke Safely is the perfect brand for those who are looking to explore the world of electronic cigarettes for the first time, containing everything a beginner would need and a good price. If you want to get rid of the harm and stigma associated with smoking cigarettes, then your best bet would be to take up smoking electronic cigarettes, for they allow you to achieve the same feeling with none of the hazards. Have a look through their website yourself to see what they have to offer.

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