May 16, 2013

Is Castor Oil for Hair Growth a Method worth Trying?

I’m sure that some of you remember being force-fed castor oil as a kid, probably in order to relieve your constipation, which it actually does surprisingly well. However, what you probably did not know about it is that throughout the centuries many people have used castor oil for hair growth, or at least to strengthen it and prevent hair loss.

It seems that the tradition has recently sprung up from the grave, with there being a number of castor oil products sold as anti-hair loss products. And so, we are going to look into what castor oil actually is, and more importantly, whether its hair growth-related claims are indeed valid.

Learning About Castor Oil – One of the Many Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Though they are technically called castor seeds, castor beans are where the oil is extracted from. It is of a pale yellow color, virtually no odor nor taste. It has many uses in the world, being employed as: a food additive in numerous brands of candy, a mold inhibitor, grain preservation agent, a main ingredient in numerous holistic medicines, and was mentioned before, a powerful natural laxative. As if that wasn't already enough, it can be used in the production of biodiesel to create fuel that is superior for cold weather.

As you can probably guess, castor oil has also been used for hair growth in traditional medicine for over a thousand years now. There are even some cultures where it was used on a regular basis in order to strengthen hair, keeping it strong, thick and smooth. But does it really work, or was it just one giant placebo effect?

How to Increase Hair Growth with Castor Oil – Is it Really Possible?

Fortunately for us, the recent outbreak in popularity of castor oil has given scientists good reasons to conduct some research into whether or not using castor oil for hair growth is a valid line of thinking. First off, it was discovered that applying a sufficient amount of it regularly to the scalp area promotes blood flow to it, meaning your hair follicles become healthier and more capable of growing strong, resistant hair strands. It should be noted that the scalp stimulation effect is quite powerful and is known to have helped alopecia (baldness) patients.

In addition to that, castor oil also contains numerous anti-fungal and antibacterial agents, many of which are quite effective at fighting off infections in the scalp (ringworm, folliculitis and peidra). As it happens, these infections are one of the main reasons people end up losing their hair, so preventing them will go a long way towards helping you keep a full head of hair.

Finally, castor oil contains a large amount of omega-6 fatty acids, proteins, as well as vitamin E, and those can work some real magic on your hair. First off, it can moisturize your scalp, which in turn will further promote the growth of thick, especially when the unrefined version of the oil is applied through scalp massages. Second of all, it can help with split ends and prevent breakages by penetrating damaged hairs and feeding them nutrients (mostly protein), which in turn will help to repair them.

So is Castor Oil for Hair Growth worth Trying?

If you are either looking to strengthen your hair or try to grow it back, then I would definitely recommend you give castor oil a shot, because after all, what exactly can go wrong? Castor oil hair growth supplements are as cheap as ever these days, and considering all the scientific studies in its favor, I just can’t help myself but to recommend trying something; after all, they don’t contain any noxious chemicals or whatnot and if they won’t help, at least they won’t make things worse, and you’ll still have a powerful laxative on your hands. It’s a win-win situation.

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