May 6, 2013

How Safe Are Extreme Weight Loss Methods?

Today, it can be safely said that extreme weight loss is not just an adjective used to describe a couple of diet and exercising systems. Rather, it has an entire category of its own in the weight loss market... but what is it exactly?

Well, to sum things up in a nutshell, an extreme weight loss program will ask you to follow some kind of awfully-challenging routine for days, or perhaps even a few weeks, with the promise of coming out of it as fit as you ever were.

More and more people out there are giving these types of systems a try, but the truth is that not only are most of these methods far from being as effective as they advertise themselves, but they can also be a source of harm to your health.

Why an Extreme Weight Loss Diet isn’t Safe

To begin with, it is important to understand how an extreme diet can affect your body. In practically every case out there, such a type of diet will only allow you to ingest a very small number of calories in a day all while sticking to a couple of food groups at most, and that’s for the whole duration. Most extreme diets force you to eat really tiny portions of food many times throughout the day, though in the end, it isn’t as effective as staving off hunger as they would like you to believe.

There are a couple of additional problems with the scenario depicted above, with the first one being that eating small amounts and being restricted to a couple of food groups will force you to deal with strong food cravings, which can not only weigh down on you physically but also psychologically. Second, your body won’t be getting all the nutrients it needs, and if you keep it up for long enough you will end up suffering from malnutrition and a weakened immune system.

It would be much healthier and safer to stick to a diet mainly consisting of fruits and vegetables and a bit of everything else; after all, once you lose the weight you will still need a diet to follow, so work on one that you will be able to sustain after you have reached your goal.

Why an Extreme Weight Loss Exercising Routine isn’t Safe

The human body certainly is an impressive example of the wonders of this world, especially when we look at how it reacts to injuries. When you sustain one, endorphins and/or adrenaline are rushed into your blood, preventing you from feeling pain. However, considering that exercising isn’t exactly a life-threatening situation (like fighting off a mountain lion as our ancestors probably did), you will simply end up pushing your body beyond its limits and inevitably hurt yourself. In the worst case scenario, the workout may be too much for your heart to handle and you could suffer from cardiac arrest, or another potentially life-threatening situation.

It is better to have a light exercising routine which you will scale over time as your abilities develop; it is important to challenge yourself without pushing over your own limits. Sustaining an injury will only slow down the whole process.

All in all, I think it can be safely said that extreme weight loss methods simply aren’t worth all the trouble they will put you through, and that goes even for the ones that do deliver drastic results. Being skinny with a six-pack really won’t be of much use to you if you must be rushed to the hospital for malnutrition.

The best course of action is to arm yourself with a bit of patience and lose your weight naturally, at a pace of two to three pounds at a time, and fortunately, there are plenty of programs and systems to help you out with that.

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