May 5, 2013

Fighting Back Against Acne with Food

Learning About Acne

To begin, let us discuss the concept of acne itself. It is an illness which appears when there is a large excess of sebum, which can be basically interpreted as a type of oily liquid which serves to lubricate and moisten the skin.

When there is an excess of sebum, it clogs your pores at the base of the hair follicles, which in turn causes pus-filled eruptions to appear. That’s acne, and it can happen pretty much anywhere on your body, from your toes all the way to your face.

In most cases, acne manifests itself in the form of pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, and is mostly prevalent in adolescents who have just started to undergo puberty seeing as how hormonal shifts such as those tend to lead to an increased sebum production. There are plenty of over-the-counter medications and self-care measures which can be taken to improve the situation, but if it’s severe it will eventually leave permanent pits and scars, especially if you squeeze, scratch and pick the lesions.

How to Fight it with Food

And so, now that you know about the condition itself, what foods can you really use to make it better? Well, for starters, you can put the myth that certain foods, such as chocolate and pizza, make acne even worse in the trash bin; it’s an outright fabrication and isn’t sustained by any scientific evidence. On the other hand, there are foods which can help to preserve the health of your skin.

For starters, acne is known to respond quite well to vitamin A, which has a beneficial effect on the way cells grow and mature. Your best sources of vitamin A are foods what contain tons of beta-carotene; not only does it get converted into the vitamin, but it can also help to relieve the stress experienced by the skin and even slow down the production of sebum. Foods containing beta-carotene include apricots, asparagus, sweet potatoes and winter squash.

In addition to that, because inflammation is a huge part of acne it deserves to be fought on its own, and you can do that by eating foods with plenty of essential fatty acids. In addition, vitamin E and selenium are also known to reduce inflammation through the production of an enzyme called glutathione.

Zinc is another important element you will want to get more of in your body seeing as how it helps to boost your immune system and your hormone metabolism, without forgetting that it can actually help with the skins’ healing process. Crabs, oysters, tofu and turkey are all very zinc-rich foods you might want to include in your diet.

Foods that Help in the Fight against Acne
Foods Nutrient Health Benefits
sweet potatoes,
winter squash
beta-carotene Beta-carotene may reduce sebum production by affecting sebaceous gland activity. Too much sebumis one of the causes of acne
vitamin B6 By helping to regulate level of hormones implicated in the development of acne lesions, vitamin B6 can reduce outbreakes
zinc Zink has been linked to optimal zkin health by enhancing immune function, reducing inflammation, and promoting tissue regeneration and healthu hormone levels

Finally, there are some scientific studies which have confirmed that the intake of the vitamin B6 helps to stabilize hormonal fluctuations and shifts, which in turn, helps to slow down the production of sebum and attack acne directly at its roots. Foods rich in this vitamin include bananas, potatoes, avocados and salmon.

As you can see, while outright curing acne is a bit complex at this stage of medical evolution, there are plenty of ways we can fight back against it, and eating the right foods is a ginormous part of the equation. While you don’t have to stuff yourself with them, simply remember to consume some of the foods above at least on a daily basis; over time, the condition will get better, and hopefully, disappear.

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