May 17, 2013

Herpeset – The Ultimate Anti-Herpes Mixture

Herpes, or as it was referred to for countless years until recently, cold sore blisters, are quite a common problem in today’s world, which is especially alarming when taking into consideration that they are contagious and that once you have the virus, it remains inside forever, forcing one embarrassing outbreak after the next.

Though we don’t really have the knowledge or technology to really get rid of the virus, we have devised a number of ways of keeping it dormant, and many of them were brought together in Herpeset, the ultimate natural anti-herpes remedy.

What is Herpeset?

To give you a brief overview of what it is, doctors have been treating herpes symptoms with a large variety of ingredients for many years now, with many of them being natural. While some ingredients had moderate success in quelling the symptoms, others put on a much better performance. Herpeset is basically a mixture of the most effective natural ingredients used to treat herpes, to create something akin to a super potion.

Rest assured, though the line of thinking which led to the creation of Herpeset may seem childish, it actually did work. The mixture was tested under numerous conditions and it was actually shown to reduce various symptoms associated with herpes, including swelling, burning, inflammation, stinging, itching as well as any other pains and aches you may experience. In addition, it will also make the onset of outbreaks much less likely.

The Herpeset Ingredients

Before describing the ingredients, let me go on record one more time and say that they are all completely natural and not dangerous for the human body (unless taken in excessive quantities, but that really goes for anything). In any case, here’s a look at how some of the ingredients help to deal with the symptoms:
  • Capsicum is extracted mostly from red peppers and apart from having weight loss benefits it also has anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties which can be quite effective.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron is an extract from a North American plant which is known to provide relief to any pain and itching which usually accompanies blisters.
  • Nitric Acid is quite effective at relieving and healing cracked skin, even when it bleeds.
  • Apis Mellifica is a honey extract coming from the Western Honey Bee, and it has very powerful soothing effects, reliving burning, stinging pain, and swelling.
  • Pyrogenium is a herb often used in remedies where the healing of bleeding wounds is required, meaning that it amplifies the healing of abscesses caused by the herpes.
  • Baptista, extracted from the Wild Indigo, plays a big part in curbing the quantity and severity of mouth ulcers.

As you can see, Herpeset is far from being a joke or a gimmick; it actually combines ingredients that have been proven to help deal with herpes through clinical studies and first-hand application. All in all, if herpes outbreaks are a problem for you and a natural relief method is what you need, then Herpeset should definitely be on your list of remedies that are worth a shot.

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