May 11, 2013

“The End of Diabetes” by Joel Fuhrman – The Nutritional Guide to Cure Diabetes

Joel Fuhrman has relatively recently become known in the medical community as being one of the leading experts on the connection between nutrition and health. After developing a program which helped diabetics beyond what was considered possible, Fuhrman decided to engineer the end of the disease.

This isn’t a joke: Fuhrman actually developed and tested various nutritional methods which can reverse diabetes and effectively cure it. While it doesn’t work for every single person out there, it has been effective for the majority, and even if you are not cured, this guide will be of tremendous help when it comes to controlling the disease.

About the Book Itself

To briefly describe that you are going to find in the book, it starts off with a guide on understanding everything about diabetes, teaching you about how the disease works and how it needs to be fought. In addition to that, you are also presented with: Fuhrman’s philosophy of eradicating a disease rather than medicating it, a comparison between different diet types, an explanation of how diabetes can be reversed through proper dieting, and much more in regards to nutrition and weight loss.

As you can guess, this is a plan that isn’t just good for diabetics; anyone who follows it, regardless of his or her medical condition, will assuredly become healthier. Even if you aren’t suffering from anything, this is a diet that can help you lose weight and strengthen your system, making it one of the most useful dieting books out there, at least in my opinion.

What is the Plan Like?

So what exactly is the plan in The End of Diabetes like? Well, to begin your healthy transformation, Joel Fuhrman first has you follow a flexible diet which contains as much nutrients per calorie as possible. By saying it’s flexible, I mean it can be customized depending on your needs and abilities. As you progress through the program you will find yourself regularly adjusting your diet seeing as how the foods you eat depend on your specific situation.

In the end, most people who follow the methods described in this book claim to have successfully reversed their condition. Even if this plan isn’t the final solution to the problem, it is definitely a giant step in the right direction.

All in all, if you have diabetes and are looking for a possible way of eradicating the disease from your body, then I definitely recommend you give the methods recommended in this book a shot. Even if you aren’t suffering from the disease, this book could end up proving to be extremely helpful as it offers a healthy way of losing weight and strengthening your body. All in all, it’s a revolutionary diet that will probably one day serve as a stepping stone for an even more important medical breakthrough.

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