July 27, 2013

How Acne Body Wash can Help in your Struggle

Controlling your acne and getting rid of it is more than just about slapping on some kind of cream and calling it a day. In order to fight against the condition with efficiency, one needs to use additional methods or else run the risk of having the acne linger much longer than is really needed.

One of the greatest weapons that we have come to develop in humanity’s everlasting war against acne is called the acne body wash, and before even thinking about looking for specific products, it would do you well to understand how it works so that you may make the most of it.

How Acne Body Wash for Men and Women Works

In most cases, acne on the body occurs because of one of two reasons (or as is sometimes the case, both): either you are wearing very tight clothes that don’t let your skin breathe, or you are sweating a lot. As you can see, the first one generally leads to the second one, so it is more than likely that your pores are clogged in one way or another, unable to clear themselves. Unfortunately, at this point it is a bit too late to try and treat the acne by wearing loose clothes… at this point, you need some kind of acne body wash.

To begin with, a body wash will do wonders to help unclog your pores, clear out the sebum (the substance which blocks them) and any other bacterial debris that might be lodged in there. In other words, the body wash starts to work by first sanitizing your body as much as possible and getting rid of any nefarious agents that may be in it.

Properly Using an Acne Body Wash for Women and Men

It really does not matter if you bought a product for men or women, for the way in which you use it is really the same. Right after a shower, you need to apply generous amounts of the body wash to the areas affected by the acne. Let the wash just sit there and be absorbed for a little while, and then use a soft cloth or a cotton pad in order to apply a cleanser and remove the wash from your body. It should also be added that if you want to use body wash as a preventative method rather than a remedy, you can still do it by following the procedure that was just described.

Choosing the Right Acne Body Wash for You

Yes, it is true that different products work better when applied to different skin types and there really is no such thing as the absolute #1 product. However, it is also true that most of the products out there are untested, and the big name brands tend to get expensive once they have reached a certain popularity. In order to help you out a bit on your search, or at least get you started, I have compiled what I believe to be three of the best acne body wash products.

Nature’s CR Acne Male Face/Body

Its ingredients mainly consist of 2% salicylic acid, 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, with there being a bunch of other inactive ingredients that include: aloe leaf extract, capryloyl glycine, chamomile flower extract, cinnamon bark extract, and a few more.

This kit put together by Nature’s Cure is centered on the body wash, but also includes a couple of acne creams to help the process go even faster. This kit is actually a three-part system, and if used according to the instructions it will help clear your skin. Needless to say, you can easily make it part of your daily shower routine without breaking up anything important.

Though it may not be the purest or most natural solution for the problem, the ingredients it uses were proven to be effective and if you don’t stray from the instructions, it is almost guaranteed that it will accelerate the process of ridding yourself of acne.

Two-Part Acne Treatment System for Men and Women

This product, the Two Part Acne Treatment, once again made by Nature’s Cure, is available in two different formats: one for men and one for women. Aside from a few minor differences which are gender-specific, the two products are identical; they come with natural acne tablets that are complemented by an acne vanishing cream that can be used as a body wash.

Nature's Cure Two Part Acne Treatment System for Males

It is safe, it was demonstrated to be an effective acne medication, not to mention that it was even tested in relation to dermatology to see if it had adverse effects on any skin type. Both the active and passive ingredients for the cream and the tablets include many plants and herbs, with a bit of good-old benzoyl peroxide thrown into the mix.

Nature's Cure Two-Part Acne Treatment System, for Women

Nature’s Cure claims that within two to six months, the problem will be completely resolved… judging by the feedback of those who tried it, the Two Part Acne Treatment does indeed work as advertised.

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