July 19, 2013

An Exploration of Some Castor Oil for Hair Growth Before and After Results

Recently a sweeping trend was born, that of using various natural oils in order to promote healthy hair growth and possibly even fight baldness. Castor oil, extracted from the castor bean, is one of those oils, and as a matter of fact, it may arguably be the most popular one.

Naturally, before giving it a shot you want to see for yourself the kinds of benefits it can bring to the table, and so what follows is a look at some castor oil for hair growth results that people have been able to achieve.

The Hair Growth Results in Theory

To begin with, let us look into what the results should be like for the average user before diving into a specific case. Due to the fact that castor oil contains various proteins, antioxidants and fatty acids, it does three main things: it feeds the hair, it promotes blood circulation to the scalp, and it moisturizes it. In return, this means that your hair should be growing faster, longer, thicker, stronger and more radiant.

Now, it needs to be added that unfortunately, castor oil doesn't have the power to make hair grow where it doesn't naturally appear on your body; if you never grew a beard and were looking forward to giving castor oil a try, I suggest you simply move on to greener pastures. In any case, let us look at how the oil fares in action with the help of castor oil for hair growth before and after results obtained over the course of five weeks by a participant in the KCCM Castor Oil Challenge.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth Results

Though the exact dates are not indicated, one could hypothesize that since these pictures were taken five weeks into the process, it started in early March and the photos were snapped in mid or late April. We can see a number of differences between the two pictures, starting at the hair roots. They have visibly become thicker, bushier and stronger. In addition, the skin around the roots doesn't look nearly as dry as before, and the hair itself has a darker and shinier texture.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth Before and After Results

On the whole, if anything this picture, in my opinion at least, shows that castor oil does indeed work to improve your health hair, and given enough time, it will improve your growth. If you wanted to know whether or not (or how) the oil works, this should be your definitive answer.

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