July 13, 2013

Some Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth you can Make Yourself

Some Natural Home Remedies for Hair Growth you can Make Yourself
Many people view baldness as a type of problem that simply comes along with age and is, as some people would put it, part of the “life package”. Nevertheless, the brightest minds of our generation are still doing what they can to find a way to stop the process.

While they are searching for the ultimate solution to the problem, there are numerous home remedies for hair growth you can buy (or make) and try for yourself; the only catch is that these types of remedies only work for segments of the population, meaning you’ll probably have to try a few of them before finding one that works well for you.

Apple Cider Vinegar

To begin with, apple cider vinegar has worked miracles for certain people, and it can be used both orally and topically. In other words, you can benefit from eating it and putting it on your hair.

If you apply generous amounts of it using scalp massaging techniques, your hair will start to grow stronger and healthier for two reasons: your hair follicles will receive an increased dose of stimulation and your hairs will be fed with proteins and nutrients. If you plan on taking it orally, simply put two teaspoons’ worth of it in a cup of warm water.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Extracted from the castor bean, castor oil is one of the hottest phenomenon surrounding hair growth. It has countless beneficial properties, including being rich in antioxidants (promotes blood circulation to the scalp), filled to the brim with fatty acids that moisturize the scalp, and crammed with proteins and nutrients which are beneficial for hair growth. Castor oil, these days at least, is mostly sold as a supplement specifically-developed for hair growth.

Eating Right and Exercising

It seems that even when it comes to hair growth there is no way to avoid the four most dreaded words in the English language: eating right and exercising. As it happens, your hair follicles and strands require a certain amount of blood circulation and nutrients in order to function properly and grow strong hair.

To feed your hair, it is important to maintain a diet high in protein and antioxidants. The exercising will help to dilute your blood vessels, and that in turn will lead an increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

The three natural remedies for hair growth proposed above are part of a much larger group of potential solutions to your problem. There are literally countless other methods people have devised to help you stop hair loss and grow your hair back, including various oils (almond, coconut, castor…), creams, supplement pills, vitamins, and even holistic methods. All in all, whether or not you find the solution which is right for you depends on how many home remedies for hair growth you are willing to try.

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