July 5, 2013

Olive Oil for Hair Growth Before and After Results – Is it Right for You?

As olive oils for hair growth are becoming more and more popular amongst hair care aficionados, there is an increasingly large amount of people wondering whether they work or if they are nothing but a new wave of scams. How exactly can you find an answer to that question, short of trying all of the oils that are available?

Well, this is where olive oil for hair growth before and after results come into play; if you can actually see proof of other people having success with this type of oil, then you can no longer think of it as a scam. And so, in an attempt to help set your mind at east, here is an exploration of how olive oil impacts one’s hair.

Theoretical Olive Oil for Hair Growth Results

Regardless of which product you are talking about, there are two types of results it can provide: theoretical and practical. We are going to discuss the former one in this section… the results that you are expected to obtain. As such, olive oil contains the three main ingredients every oil for hair growth has out there: plenty of proteins and nutrients, a lot of antioxidants and a generous amount of fatty oils and acids.

Theoretically, the combination of these ingredients should provide your hair with the nutrients it needs to grow strong and shiny, stimulate the hair follicles to make the growth process go faster, and moisturize your scalp to increase the thickness and vividness if your hairdo.

Olive Oil for Hair Growth Before and After Picture

So this is the part where we are actually going to discuss its effects in concrete scenarios, and here they are:

The two of them show different effects of the olive oil, with the first one demonstrating just how well it can work to make your hair straight, smooth and shiny, eliminating breakages and curled ends. The hair has also become a bit more radiant, not to mention that it has also grown noticeable longer than before.

Olive Oil for Hair Growth Before and After Results – Is it Right for You?

The second picture pretty much looks like a miracle; on the left, we are presented with thin, fragile, dry and lifeless hair, and in the picture on the right, that same hair is now thick, smooth, silky, shiny, strong and full of life.

Olive Oil for Hair Growth Before and After

And so, as you can see with these olive oil for hair growth results, it can literally benefit your hair in every way possible, making it grow longer, faster, stronger, smoother and thicker. Keep in mind though that if you have never grown hair on a certain part of your body, olive oil won’t be able to help you out with that. However, if you are suffering from baldness, then it is possible that using olive oil will help the hair to grow back.

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Related products:

African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil

African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil is an extra virgin olive oil (meaning it has retained all of its important nutrients and such) specifically designed to prevent hair breakages and stimulate the follicles in your scalp to make the hair grow faster.

Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil

Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil also contains extracts of almonds, cactus and lemon, focusing on providing your hair with all the nutrients it needs for it to be as naturally healthy and radiant as possible, even being effective at keeping dandruff at bay.

Palmers Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy

The Palmers Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy is a balm made from extra virgin leaves (which is better as virgin plants retain their nutrients better) and was created for one purpose: making your hair long, smooth, soft, silky and resilient.

Africas Best Organics Olive Oil Max Strength Growth Lotion

Africas Best Organics Olive Oil for hair growth is a deep conditioner to be used during showers which excels at moisturizing your hair, strengthening it, and making it look as healthy as human hair can possibly be. It uses an ages-old formula that has stood the test of time and can even be used for color-treated hair.

Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Moisturizer Unisex

Elasta QP Olive Oil for hair growth contains two main ingredients: the oil itself, and some mango butter to act as a highly-efficient moisturizer. It is a nutrient-rich cream that also acts as a thermal protector, preventing dry and damaged hair in the long run.

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