August 21, 2013

Is Coconut Oil Good for your Hair? A Factual Exploration

Though it was claimed by many people that coconut oil has various health benefits, with one of them being hair growth, there is still quite a large number of others who are either disdainful of the idea or are still on the fence about it.

The problem, in my opinion, is that very few have actually bothered to gather research data on coconut oil to see which of its benefits were proven. And so, I have taken it upon myself to provide you with some evidence that the answer to “is coconut oil good for your hair?” is a resounding “yes”.

The Proven Health Benefits

Analysis conducted on the ingredients of coconut oil has shown that it contains a large amount of medium chain triglycerides, which are metabolized faster than its counterparts and used for energy much quicker. They have also been linked with positive effects on brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

It was observed that many people around the world who eat a lot of coconut also happen to be some of the healthiest humans on Earth. For instance, the Tokelauans in the South Pacific seem to eat coconuts by the bucket (60% of their calories come from them), and there is no evidence of these people having any kind of heart disease.

Benefits for your Hair

That’s just scratching the tip of the iceberg in regards to its health benefits, but let us move on to the part you were probably waiting for, its hair-related benefits. For starters, coconut oil contains a lot of lauric acid, great for killing bacteria, viruses and fungi, preventing any infections and such from developing on your scalp.

Seeing as how we are talking about an oil, it is a given that it contains a whole lot of different fatty acids, and when applied directly to the scalp, they help to keep it moisturized, stimulating activity in your hair follicles.

Coconut oil is also quite rich in various nutrients, and virtually all of them are beneficial for your body, whether you apply them on your hair or ingest them. In order to grow, hair requires a load of different nutrients, and coconut oil pretty much has all of them.

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