August 9, 2013

Trimming the Pounds by Eating the Right Foods

Trimming the Pounds by Eating the Right Foods - Broccoli
Scientifically-defined, being overweight means that you weigh at least 20% over your ideal weight, and as you can guess, it is one of the conditions most prevalent around the entire world, both in adults and children alike. As you may well know, being overweight raises your risk of falling prey to various diseases and conditions, and the sooner you start dropping the weight, the better off you are going to be.

Needless to say, being overweight originates from a poor diet and a lack of physical activity, but it was also recently discovered that genetics can play a very important part in it. Regardless, there is an entire industry dedicated to helping you lose weight, and one of the best ways to fight your problem is by starting to eat the right foods.

The Importance of Food in Weight Loss

Most medical experts out there agree with each other that having a healthy and balanced diet is perhaps the most important factor contributing to long-term weight loss. If you do not have a diet which gives you the calories you need while feeding your body with all the necessary nutrients, you will often find yourself fluctuating in weight, becoming the go-to example of a yo-yo dieter.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you only start eating foods you don’t like or deprive your body of something… rather, there are numerous healthy substitutions you can use that will fill you up and pave the way for a healthier body.

Using Foods for Weight Loss

To begin you can start by splitting up your meals into smaller portions over the course of the day. You will be able to eat less on the whole while preventing any hunger cravings from getting the better of you. You can also eat at a slower pace to allow your stomach to fill itself and send the appropriate signals to your brain, preventing you from overeating.

Foods with dietary fiber can also help with that as they tend to fill you up sooner rather than later and generally take a little while to eat. Soluble fiber can also control hunger cravings by regulating your blood sugar levels.

Trimming the Pounds by Eating the Right Foods - Figa
After that, you can replace sugar with natural sweeteners, spice with salt, and limit your alcohol intake to once a week at the most. Certain studies have also suggested that calcium can trigger the burning of excess fat by causing a hormone to be produced. Use your calcium with lots of vitamin D as it was proven that the latter helps in the former’s absorption.

As most people can guess, complex carbohydrates, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, can help you lose weight for a couple of reasons. First off, they are low on calories and high on nutrients, allowing you to nourish yourself appropriately without risking a weight gain. Second of all, they tend to contain large amounts of fiber, stimulating your digestive system and allowing excrements to be expulsed with great efficiency.

Last, but definitely not least, certain recent studies have shown that green tea catechins raise one’s energy while accelerating the weight loss process. Though the studies are preliminary, it is believed that they oxidize the fat, allowing it to be broken, transported and expulsed with greater ease.

Foods that Help in the Fight against Overweight
Foods Nutrient Health Benefits
cooking greens,
dairy products,
calcium Experimental research indicates that this indispensable mineral may promote the burning of calories rather than their storage as body fat.
whole grains
complex carbohydrates Diets rich in low-fat complex carbohydrates have been associated with healthy body weight
dietary fiber High-fiber foods may prompt feelings of fullness with fewer calories

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