September 23, 2013

Argan Oil for Hair Before and After Pictures – Making a Decision

Though you can certainly be told countless stories about how argan oil can benefit someone by making their hair grow stronger, faster and shinier, you are going to remain skeptic until you see it for yourself. Now, the only foolproof way of making sure it works is by trying it out on yourself, but as common sense would dictate, you can’t really do that without buying the product in the first place.

This is why before and after photos exist; they are literally the closest thing we have to concrete proof that a product can indeed work for you. As such, I have decided to walk you through a couple of argan oil before and after photos so that you can see its effects with your own eyes and make an informed decision.

The First Example

Argan Oil Before and After Pictures

First, let us get the obvious out of the way: the lighting is poorer on the first picture, the woman has her eyes half-closed and isn’t smiling like in the second one, contributing to making her look better. With that being said, I would like to bring your attention to the hair itself for a moment.

It has visibly become thicker and shinier, and if you look closely, you can see that the roots of her hair are better-moisturized and simply look healthier in general. This is only after two weeks of treatment, and on a woman who had pretty good hair to begin with.

The Second Example

Argan Oil Before and After Photos

This is one of the fairer argan oil before and after pictures, in the sense that the photographs’ subjects have their pictures taken under the same conditions both times. The lighting is still used to create a bit of an effect, but it is negligible. In any case, we can see in the first picture that the hair has grown much thicker and longer, in addition to which it has gained some of its shine. Also, the hair became noticeably smoother, both in regards to the roots and strands.

The second picture is there, from what I see, to showcase how argan oil can smoothen and shine hair out. After only one month of regular treatment, the woman in the photographs has managed to make her hair more flexible, smoother and shinier, as is evidenced by straightened out and visibly-improved ponytail.

As you can see, the argan oil before and after pictures available to us, while being lacking in detail in some instances, still manage to showcase the most important aspects of this oil, and as far as we can see, they are very real. Now, it should be mentioned that the time it will take for you to get results depends on your type of hair and its condition, so you must prepare yourself for at least a month or two of treatment before seeing progress. However, considering the results are going to be long-term, it’s an investment definitely worth making.

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