September 4, 2013

Using Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth the Right Way

Castor oil certainly has its fair share of applications, and it just so happens that there is one many people missed out on: as it happens, it is possible to use castor oil for eyebrow growth and eyelash growth alike. It can, however, be a tad tricky for first-time users to apply it correctly and get the full effects out of it, and so what follows is a brief guide designed to help you out; don’t worry, as once you get the hang of it the process becomes simpler than anything you could have imagined.

The Nightly Treatment

Before dozing off to dreamland every night, you can perform the following procedure to get the most out of your oil. For starters, take just a bit of the oil after pre-heating it (until it becomes warm) and carefully apply a thin layer of it on both your eyebrows as well as your eyelashes, and then go to sleep. Once you wake up, use a make-up remover made from oil to take off the castor oil.

Castor Oil for Eyebrow Growth

If you don’t know how, just put a tiny bit of the remover on a piece of cotton and gently rub the areas where the castor oil was applied. After that, rinse your eyes with some lukewarm water, and then pat your face with a dry towel to reduce the chances of spreading bacteria to zero.

Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth – The Other Method

The moment before you go to bed is not the only opportunity to make use of the castor oil for eyebrow growth and your eyelashes. At any moment throughout the day you can enact the technique described below, noticeably speeding up the growth process.

This technique is quite simple and can literally be used at any time of the day. All you need to do is once again take a bit of the oil on your fingertip, and then massage your eyebrows and eyelashes with them for around two to three minutes. Let the oil stay on your face for somewhere around 30 to 40 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water and a facial cleanser. If any irritation occurs while you are performing this technique, then it is highly recommended you take a break from it for a day or two.

Castor Oil for Eyelash GrowthUsing castor oil for eyelash growth as well as your eyebrows, as you can see, isn't so different from using it on your hair.

You only need to be a bit more careful as you are, after all, applying it right next to your eyes, one of the most sensitive and irreplaceable organs in the human body.

Though at first the results will be small and negligible, perseverance is the key here as using it for a long enough period of time on a regular basis is virtually guaranteed to yield results worth writing home about.

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