September 29, 2013

How to Stimulate Hair Growth – The Many Tools of the Trade

If you are reading this article right now, then chances are that you are either looking for a way to grow your hair back, or prevent it from falling off in the first place.

Men and women alike are affected by baldness and various other hair-related conditions, and the truth is that there are plenty of methods for how to stimulate hair growth. And so, what I’m going to show you now can be best described as an assortment of various techniques for how to increase hair growth… rest assured, they are all natural and most of them you can even implement today.

Some Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Raw Garlic, Onions: To begin with, garlic, onions and spinach are three ingredients you will want to include in your daily diet. Eating raw onions and garlic will fill your body with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents, preventing your hair from decaying and falling off… you can even rub a bit of them directly to your scalp in order to promote the blood circulation to it.

Arnica plant

Arnica: The Arnica plant is closely related to the sunflower, and its oil can be used in the form of a cream or ointment to apply to your scalp. When applied correctly with scalp massaging techniques, it moisturizes your head and helps the blood circulate to the roots of your hairs more efficiently, effectively promoting natural hair growth.

Neutral henna powder

Neutral Henna: If you have problems with your hair thinning down, neutral henna is what you want to use. Simply mix it up with a cup of water to make a paste you can apply on your scalp.

Use it as you would any oil treatment, and you should see your hairs going back to their glory days, becoming stronger and thicker in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Apple Cider Vinegar: When apple cider vinegar is used as an ointment applied to your hair, it can increase its growth by feeding it with plenty of necessary nutrients and can even help to eliminate dandruff. Eating two spoons of the apple cider vinegar per day will also help to provide your body with the nutrients necessary to ensure healthy hair growth.

Eating the Right Foods

How to increase hair growth is not just a question of putting the right stuff in your hair... eating the right foods is just as, if not more important. Also, it should be remembered that eating the wrong foods can also work against you, hindering hair growth and promoting hair loss.

Ideally, for hair growth purposes, you want to eat foods which are rich in essential fatty acids, such as olives, oily fish, walnuts and avocados. You may also want to increase your iron intake seeing as how anemia (caused by lack of iron) tends to lead to hair thinning and loss. Iron-rich foods include lettuce, broccoli and spinach.

As you make changes to your diet, you should also consider starting to take vitamins. Biotins, zinc and Vitamin B are the most important ones you will want to include as they can really help you fight against hair loss. They are far from being expensive and can work wonders if taken regularly.

A Few More Simple Home Remedies for Hair Growth

  • Coconut Oil: A fairly well-known remedy at this point, coconut oil has been proven to help most people achieve good hair growth results, and it works best when applied to the head with a scalp massage. It nourishes your hair, moisturizes your scalp and prevents the development of various bacteria and viruses.
  • To help prevent hair loss you can vigorously rub your scalp with your fingers on a daily basis in order to stimulate the sebaceous glands to improve blood circulating to your hair.
  • Fresh lime juice and alma juice, when used instead of a shampoo, are known to stimulate hair growth in certain people. Of course, you will need to go at it regularly for a little while.
  • Drinking about half a liter of spinach and lettuce juice combined is an extremely good way of providing your body with plenty of nutrients necessary for hair growth. As a matter of fact, you should drink this mixture regardless of whether or not hair loss is a threat to you.
  • There are cases where onions were known to treat patches of baldness. All you need to do is rub the onions on them twice every day until the spots become red. If you want, you can soothe the irritation with some honey afterwards.

The Magic of Natural Herbs for Hair Growth

Though they haven’t exactly undergone rigorous scientific testing, there are plenty of herbs that have been used for years upon years to help people treat hair loss.

For instance, Saw Palmetto has been used for generations (mostly by men) to help grow their hair for it helps the blood reach the scalp in greater quantities. Some herbs with similar effects include chamomile, aloe, parsley, rosemary, licorice, nettles, horsetail, and others.

There are plenty of herbal remedies to choose from out there for your condition, and though they require some patience in order to work, most people who take them claim to benefit greatly. Just keep in mind that because we all have a different body and hair composition certain treatments may work for some but not for others… it’s all a matter of finding the one that will work for you.

A Hair Growth Remedy to Try

I’m certainly not going to claim that the following remedy to be presented is the be-all end-all solution to the hair loss problem, but if you are looking for something to help you in the fight, then I reckon it would be a very good place to start your search.

Though ReGrow Plus has received only one rating on Amazon (and a bad one at that), I still believe that it can work for certain people.
Native Remedies ReGrow Plus  50 ml

For starters though, let me elaborate on that bad review. The customer gave it one star, because “I was ready to believe in this group of products- Natural remedies, but there is no effect from any!!!!”. As you can see, the customer isn't exactly reviewing this product, but is lashing out against natural products in general, without really detailing his experiences with them and such.

I think we can safely assume this comment was made either by a very unlucky person, someone with no patience, or with a lack of knowledge as to how hair growth products should be used. With that said, on with the show.

Without delving too deep in it, ReGowth Plus is made from a combination of different herbs, all of which were proven to be beneficial for your blood circulation, hormone levels and proper thyroid function. When used on a regular basis, it promotes the growth of hair and nails, even improving the former’s quality in terms of shininess, thickness and strength.

It nourishes the hair follicles and even helps to slow down catastrophic hair loss. It can be used to treat hair loss caused by virtually anything, including age, genetics and even chemotherapy. All in all, I think ReGrowth Plus is the hair growth medication you should start your journey with.

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