October 27, 2013

The Many Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Hair Growth

Though there sure are plenty of hair oils to choose from, the jojoba oil has attracted the eyes of many people, and not without reason. For starters, when talking about chemical structure, jojoba oil is more similar than its counterparts to sebum, which is what your scalp produces to naturally moisturize your hair. In addition to that, jojoba oil has an extremely long shelf life, only topped by castor and coconut oils.

Jojoba Plant
Jojoba plant
Jojoba oil for hair growth products are always rich in nutrients, and in some cases, combined with other natural oils for a greater effect. If you are still on the fence about using it, then I urge you to reconsider the question after having read the following list of benefits the oil can have for your hair.

The Scalp is Ready

Though it takes other oils a little while before they penetrate below the scalp and start acting, the jojoba oil’s similarity to sebum prompts the scalp to accept it naturally, preventing a misbalance from occurring in terms of oil production.

High Standard Protection

Jojoba oil has been observed to contain quite powerful antibacterial properties, meaning it will prevent any infections and whatnot from taking hold of your hair and damaging it. Also, the jojoba oil for hair can even soothe your scalp from any irritations and inflammations it may be subjected to, even getting rid of dandruff in the process.

Strengthens and Moisturizes Like Few Others Can

Jojoba oil for scalp is made from 2% saturated fats and 98% monounsaturated fats. What exactly does that mean? Well, it means that its molecular composition is practically optimal for being absorbed by the hair follicles, penetrating them and strengthening your hair fibers at their roots.

Also, the high fat content ensures that the oil moisturizes your scalp from inside of the shaft, not to mention it can even reduce the effects of hygral fatigue, which is what happens when your hair gets wet and then dry.

Helps with Vanity

Let’s not kid ourselves, no matter how healthy you want your hair to be, it is no secret that you also want it to look good. Pure jojoba oil for hair will add volume to your hair, prevent it from thinning, it will render it shiny and smooth as long as you use it.

Growth and Repair

Finally, jojoba oil for hair growth can, as you can guess, improve the rate at which your hairs grow. It will stimulate the blood flow to your scalp, which in turn will nourish your hair faster and better, thus prompting the hair to push out faster. In addition, the oil can act as an emollient and can contribute to repairing hair damaged by heat and chemical styling products.

As you can see, jojoba oil for hair growth is a very valid option and can bring to you the right results if you use it properly and are patient. When you buy a jojoba oil product just make sure that it is made of 100% pure oil and doesn’t contain any additives, otherwise the process will take a very long time.

October 14, 2013

Why and How to Use an Argan Oil Hair Mask

Argan oil has recently sent many waves through the world of beauty, skin and hair care, and not without reason. Just like a few other alternative oils, the argan oil allows you to naturally strengthen and improve your hair, making it grow faster, healthier and prettier.

As it happens, there are numerous ways in which one could use argan oil for hair growth, and one of the most effective ones is the argan oil hair mask. And so, what follows is an explanation as to why the mask is worth the effort, and how to make one for yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Why Use the Argan Oil Hair Mask?

So why exactly would you use a mask, rather than say, the normal treatment which is faster and brings good results? For starters, the mask provides you with an opportunity to add some additional ingredients to the argan oil. For instance, you could add yogurt, an egg, or even another type of oil in order to amplify any benefits you may receive.

In addition to that, due to the fact that a mask remains on your head for an extended period of time, it creates the perfect environment for your head to absorb all the essential nutrients in the oil. In turn, this means that you are going to start seeing greater results faster than if you were to use other methods.

Preparing an Argan Oil Hair Mask

Now that we have taken care of the “why?” in the equation, it is time to get the “how?” over with. Fortunately, creating a mask is one of the simplest processes there is in terms of hair and skin care.
  • To begin with, you will need to take a bowl, and put about five to six tablespoons of the argan oil in it, making sure it is lukewarm before putting it in.
  • Following that, mix two full eggs with it, and if this is your first time, then I would recommend limiting the ingredients right here.
  • Once the mixture is ready, put some on your hands and massage it all over your hair, taking care to put some on the roots of your hairs, your scalp, and everywhere else. Ideally, your head should be completely covered in the mask, at which point you should take a shower cap or some plastic film and wrap it around your head. The body head coming from your head will help the oil penetrate deep and smooth.
  • Leave the argan oil hair mask sitting there for around 30 to 45 minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water. Make sure to get all the oil out, or else your hair will become greasy and the process will have been wasted.

As you can see, there really isn't much involved in the making of a mask from argan oil for hair growth, but it is, nevertheless, a process which requires a certain amount of care and dedication on your part. If you do it on a daily basis, then it is virtually guaranteed that you will start seeing results soon enough.

October 6, 2013

The Many Argan Oil Benefits for Hair Growth

Argan Oil
Before looking into the concrete benefits, I would like to share this “disclaimer” message with you. Though hair oils are certainly effective, there is a certain list of requirements that needs to be met for them to work.
  • For starters, the oil product itself needs to be of high quality and not polluted with various filler ingredients; extra virgin oils are the best in quality.
  • Second of all, you will need to use the oil properly in order for it to take effect (using scalp massaging techniques for example).
  • Finally, and this one is down more to dumb luck than anything, your body needs to be receptive to the oil. We all have different bodies which function in their own ways, meaning oils that work for some people won’t work for others.
With that being said, oils such as the one coming from the argan tree have been known to work for a majority of those who try them, and so what follows is a look at the main argan oil benefits for hair growth you ought to consider.

1. Hydration

To begin with, the oil contains many moisturizing properties and fatty acids which help to hydrate and moisturize your hair. It slows down the speed at which they feel, promotes blood circulation to the scalp, makes your hair smoother and shinier, not to mention that it helps it grow faster.

2. Extreme Penetration

When used properly, the argan oil can easily penetrate the skin on your head and go down all the way to the follicles, the base of growth for your hairs. This means it can act quickly and efficiently, enhancing your hair strength and ensuring proper nourishment.

3. Rich in Repair Tools

It is known that argan oil is pretty good at repairing damaged hairs and scalps. This is possible thanks to its rich supply of various antioxidants and vitamins (mostly Vitamin E) which play a very important role in promoting healthy hair growth. As a matter of fact, these nutrients were noted to excel in repairing hairs which become brittle and dry as a result of being exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as the hot rays of the sun.

4. Helping with Appearances

To put the healthy aspect aside for a second, it is undeniable that your hair is a big part of your style, and partially serves as style component rather than anything else. Well, one of the important argan oil benefits for hair is the fact that it excels at restoring its smoothness, luster, shininess, and can even make its color more vivid and prominent.

And so, as you can see, the argan oil benefits for hair are nothing to scoff at: if used properly, the oil can give you a full and healthy head of hair that is worthy of being displayed in front of everyone…. It can literally breathe new life into your hair, provided of course that you use it properly and go for a product known for its quality.