October 6, 2013

The Many Argan Oil Benefits for Hair Growth

Argan Oil
Before looking into the concrete benefits, I would like to share this “disclaimer” message with you. Though hair oils are certainly effective, there is a certain list of requirements that needs to be met for them to work.
  • For starters, the oil product itself needs to be of high quality and not polluted with various filler ingredients; extra virgin oils are the best in quality.
  • Second of all, you will need to use the oil properly in order for it to take effect (using scalp massaging techniques for example).
  • Finally, and this one is down more to dumb luck than anything, your body needs to be receptive to the oil. We all have different bodies which function in their own ways, meaning oils that work for some people won’t work for others.
With that being said, oils such as the one coming from the argan tree have been known to work for a majority of those who try them, and so what follows is a look at the main argan oil benefits for hair growth you ought to consider.

1. Hydration

To begin with, the oil contains many moisturizing properties and fatty acids which help to hydrate and moisturize your hair. It slows down the speed at which they feel, promotes blood circulation to the scalp, makes your hair smoother and shinier, not to mention that it helps it grow faster.

2. Extreme Penetration

When used properly, the argan oil can easily penetrate the skin on your head and go down all the way to the follicles, the base of growth for your hairs. This means it can act quickly and efficiently, enhancing your hair strength and ensuring proper nourishment.

3. Rich in Repair Tools

It is known that argan oil is pretty good at repairing damaged hairs and scalps. This is possible thanks to its rich supply of various antioxidants and vitamins (mostly Vitamin E) which play a very important role in promoting healthy hair growth. As a matter of fact, these nutrients were noted to excel in repairing hairs which become brittle and dry as a result of being exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as the hot rays of the sun.

4. Helping with Appearances

To put the healthy aspect aside for a second, it is undeniable that your hair is a big part of your style, and partially serves as style component rather than anything else. Well, one of the important argan oil benefits for hair is the fact that it excels at restoring its smoothness, luster, shininess, and can even make its color more vivid and prominent.

And so, as you can see, the argan oil benefits for hair are nothing to scoff at: if used properly, the oil can give you a full and healthy head of hair that is worthy of being displayed in front of everyone…. It can literally breathe new life into your hair, provided of course that you use it properly and go for a product known for its quality.

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