November 6, 2013

How to Use Jojoba oil on Hair and Get the Desired Results

Jojoba oil is one of the many hair oils to have recently hit the market, following various discoveries which indicated such oils have countless benefits for hair growth. However, once most people buy it they actually have no idea what to do with it, and as such many waste it and never see any results. As such, to help out those of you in need, I have decided to create this quick and easy guide on how to use jojoba oil on hair and get the desired effects to show.

How to Use Jojoba oil on Hair and Get the Desired Results
The first and most obvious step is to buy some jojoba oil. There aren’t many rules to what you need to buy, but I recommend that you make sure it is virgin (or even better, extra virgin) jojoba oil and that it contains no filler ingredients.

In other words, if it contains things that have no benefit for your hair, don’t buy it. It should be mentioned that it is common practice to mix oils together in products, so the mere fact of there being numerous ingredients should not alarm you.

When you are at home with your oil, pour a bit of it into a small bowl. On average, you will probably need three teaspoons of it, though that quantity will vary depending on how much hair you have and its overall condition.

Following that, heat up the oil a bit until it becomes lukewarm to the touch of your fingertips. Soak all of your fingers in the oil until they are completely saturated with it and try not to get any on your palms.

Bend your head forward so that your hair is dangling and proceed to massage the oil into your scalp. There are numerous scalp massaging techniques that are commonly used, and you can easily find them all by doing a basic Google search. Only once you have finished massaging the entire scalp and covered it with oil that you can start doing the same thing with your hairs. Make sure to massage your hair strands from top to bottom and cover your whole head with the oil.

Once the preliminary massage is finished, you can do another round of scalp massaging using bigger and more forceful motions, though I have to stress that this part is not required and probably won’t even be necessary for many people.

Put on a shower cap or cover your head with saran wrap, and leave it on for about forty-five minutes to an hour. After that time passes, remove all the oil from your head by simply washing it away with a shampoo and conditioner (both of them preferably natural, as the chemicals in hair care products are what cause the damage in the first place).

As you can see in this quick guide on how to use jojoba oil on hair, the process is fast, easy and painless to accomplish. After a couple of times you should get the hang of it, at which point the only thing you will need to arm yourself with is a bit of patience. If you go through with the entirety of the treatment, the results on your hair will be quite long-lasting.

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