December 1, 2013

“The Healthy Green Drink Diet” by Jason Manheim – One Smoothie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Staying healthy in terms of not only your weight but also your immune system and your organs is rather difficult to accomplish these days. On one hand, your body needs tons upon tons of nutrients in order to function to the fullest of its capacity, and on the other, you simply cannot eat so many fruits and vegetables, or else you will explode and put on a lot of weight. Fortunately though, there are people out there such as Jason Manheim who have been looking for a solution, and in his case, it comes in the form of a book called The Healthy Green Drink Diet.

What is The Healthy Green Drink Diet?

To explain it as simply as possible, it is a recipe book which teaches you how to properly nourish yourself with an intake of one smoothie per day. The recipes in this book are composed almost exclusively of green vegetables, although it ought to be mentioned that Manheim doesn’t pass up and discriminate on ingredients simply because of their color… it just so happens that most things which are healthy for us are green.

What are the Benefits?

So how precisely is this book going to benefit you? For starters, there are numerous variations given for each and every recipe, preventing things from getting dull and repetitive, something most recipe books omit. There are also 80 color illustrations included with the book to help you with the preparation process.

Apart from that, drinking the recipes provided in the book will provide your body with a number of very healthy ingredients which are effective at maintaining your system in tip-top shape. For instance, the high alkaline content of green leafy vegetables contributes to lowering your acidity of your blood and to the remedy of numerous common ailments.

All of the drinks are very low in calories and fats, meaning you can consume them without shame or putting on any weight. Finally, the fact that it is a juice or a smoothie makes it a lot easier and more convenient for you to gain all the nutrients you need, providing you with a lot more than you would ever gain by eating.

What to Expect from it

Now, it should be mentioned that the recipes provided in this book were designed to supplement a healthy lifestyle, to strengthen your system and allow you to gain all the nutrients you need in a natural way without putting on weight. In other words, the drinks here won’t magically make you lose weight, nor will they sculpt your body for you. They will help to maintain a healthy body and can be used to accelerate the weight loss process, but alone they will only be good for strengthening your system against illnesses.

Now, that doesn’t mean these smoothies aren’t worth it. On the contrary, if you use them alongside a diet and an exercising regime, their benefits will be felt tremendously as you will start morphing into the healthiest possible self you can be.

All in all, the book doesn’t cost much, the ingredients are very easy to find, and all the recipes provided within will help you stay healthy and keep the weight off. If you need to improve your health, this book will certainly help set you on the right track.

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