February 7, 2014

Tips on Using Castor Oil for Acne Treatment

As I have already discussed it on numerous occasions, castor oil is a bit of a miracle worker, being effective for both vanity and health reasons, being usable on your hair as well as your skin. Recently, it seems that using castor oil for acne treatment has become an often-recommended solution, but there are still people out there who have doubts in regards to that. Well, what follows is a look at how castor oil can be used to help fight against acne, and how you should go about the whole process.

Tips on Using Castor Oil for Acne Treatment

Why Using Castor Oil for Acne Can Help You

In order to understand why the products of the castor tree can help you fight against acne, it is important to understand why the condition occurs in the first place. At its surface, acne occurs due to accumulated impurities in your skin pores, forcing sebum to be secreted at greater quantities than it has to. In turn, this creates small inflammations all over your skin, known as acne.

So how does the castor oil help with the situation? Applying it topically on your skin will tremendously help to clear away any dirt and bacteria that may be lodged within, mainly thanks to the castor’s anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

In other words, the oil will remove the impurities, from dirt to dead skin cells, opening up your pores and leading to a decreased secretion of sebum, which in turn will cause the acne to fade away on its own. Though you probably shouldn’t use the castor oil as your only line of defense against acne, it can indeed be a tremendous ally.

Tips on Using Castor Oil for Acne

Basically, what follows is a brief guide on properly using the castor oil in order to treat your acne.
  • To start things off, prepare a few towels and steam up some water in a pot. Put a towel over your entire head and lean over the steaming pot. This is just a preliminary rinsing of your pores, and this stage you are ready for the actual castor oil acne treatment.
  • Now, take a bit of the castor oil on the tips of your fingertips, and rub it gently in circular motions over the acne-affected areas. Once the oil has been applied, wait around five minutes, and use another wet and warm towel to wipe the castor product off your skin.
  • Subsequently, rinse it off completely with cool water, which will also cause your pores to shrink and prevent further impurities from amassing in them. Finally, use a very small amount of the oil again and pat your skin with it; it will act as a moisturizer and clean your skin again.

To fight acne, it is recommended you use the treatment daily for about two weeks. If you are looking to prevent acne, then it is recommended you go through with it about once or twice every week.

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