March 22, 2014

Learning the Easy Argan Oil for Face Massage Technique

Finding the right argan oil product is a great step in the right direction towards improving your skin health and appearance, but the fact of the matter remains that you still need to use it properly. This is where argan oil for face massage techniques come into play, and though there are many of them to speak of, I will introduce you to the easiest and most effective one.

Facial Massage Lines

The Preparation

To begin with, the oil itself needs to be prepared for application on your face. Though it’s not a problem if you use too much oil, try to only put a few drops in the bowl so that the product lasts you for longer. Heat up the oil using the “sous-vide” method (place the container inside another one filled with water, and boil it). Take out the bowl or cup with the oil once it is lukewarm. After that, use a gentle and natural (preferably) facial cleanser on your face to get it ready.

The Application

Now the time has come to apply the argan oil to your face, and begin doing so by putting a bit of the oil on your two main fingers, and then rub it on your skin. Start by rubbing in the center of the affected area, and using circular motions slowly increase the amount of space covered with your rubbing motion.

If you have one or two specific problems which need to be solved, then simply apply the oil directly to them. Otherwise, use this technique to slowly rub the oil across your entire face. The good news is that pure virgin argan oil is absorbed by your skin rather quickly, so you only need to rub it for a bit before it takes effect.


Once the oil has been applied to your face, let it sit there for about thirty minutes to an hour, depending on the condition of your skin. Alternatively, you can apply it before going to sleep, and if you want, put something akin to a ski mask on; this will ensure that the oil is completely absorbed by your face throughout the night.

Once you see and feel that the oil has been absorbed by your skin, wash it away with warm water, but make sure not to scrub your face with anything. Once the oil is washed away, use a towel to path your face. This is done to avoid irritations.

Ideally, you should repeat this process two to three times per day, but in reality it is up to you to decide that based on your situation. Just remember that no matter who you are, argan oil will take some time and dedication before showing any results, so you do need to stick to the plan diligently if you want them.

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