July 28, 2014

How to Use Almond Oil for Face Wrinkles and Dark Circles

Amongst the many natural solutions out there almond oil has made a place for itself as one of the most reliable ones, which should not be too surprising considering that it has been in proficient use for such purposes more than 500 years ago.

The number of skin problems it can help to fight against would make for a rather large list; it can help with health-related ailments as well as ones relating simply to appearance. For the purposes of this article, we are going to be looking into how to use almond oil for face wrinkles as well as dark circles.

How to Use Almond Oil for Face Wrinkles

And so, is it true that almond oil can actually be used to counter one of aging's most frustrating skin blemishes? Though it certainly won't keep your face sleek and smooth until the end of time, almond oil does contain various antioxidants, such as vitamin E, in large quantities, and they act to improve the blood circulation to your skin, helping to repair and maintain it in as healthy a condition as possible. The oil also works wonders in terms of moisturizing your skin, one of the most important elements in a successful fight against wrinkles.

When it comes to the application of the almond oil itself, using a few drops of it and massaging them directly on your skin will suffice. Make sure to focus on the areas that are more wrinkled than the others, and try to apply it before going to sleep and when you wake up in the morning. Alternatively, you can add a bit of the almond oil into a face mask, wear it for thirty minutes, and then wash it off with warm water.

Using Almond Oil for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Though people sadly pay far too little attention to them at times, the eyes are perhaps one of the most important accessories to letting our inner beauty shine. They can say a lot about a person, and having dark circles under them, no matter how you put it, will most likely convey the kind of message you'd rather avoid. Thankfully, getting rid of these dark circles is an easy enough task, especially with the help of some good old almond oil, which will work for pretty much the same reasons stated above.

Just like for the wrinkles, you can simply massage a few drops of the almond oil directly under your eyes where the dark circles are before going to bed, and wash it off in the morning. Alternatively, you can also make a mixture of one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of almond oil, and apply that instead. In addition, there is also the method which involves mixing some sweet almond oil paste with a bit of milk, applying it under the eyes, and washing it off after about 15 minutes.

In the end, using almond oil to fight against dark circles and face wrinkles is far from being complicated. As a matter of fact, it is perhaps one of the easiest solutions available to you, and one of the ones most likely to actually work. You will, of course, need a bit of patience before you see the results (and ensure you have no allergies to nuts), but in the end they are sure to come.

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