June 23, 2015

Covering Castor Oil for Hair Growth from A to Z

I don't need to tell you just how bad of a deal hair loss can be. It affects so many of us in a lot of different ways for a lot of different reasons, but in the end the results are the same: unsightly baldness in places that shouldn't have it. Now, we're still a very long way from the miracle cure that will change it all and make hair loss a thing of the past... however, we still have plenty of tools to use, and one of those is castor oil for hair growth.

Why Bother with Hair Growth Oil?

When it comes to fighting baldness and promoting hair growth, oils are perhaps one of our greatest inventions for a number of reasons:

  • Most are natural with absolutely no chemicals added.
  • Can be used for maintenance and therapeutic reasons.
  • Can be used for hair as well as skin care.
  • Some have been in use for hundreds, if not thousands of years with stable results.
  • They can be mixed with various additional ingredients to improve their effectiveness naturally.
  • There is no harm even if the oil proves to be ineffective.

Exploring Castor Oil for Hair Growth

So what precisely would make one turn to castor oil above others? Well, there are actually a few reasons to consider:

  • It is one of the oldest oils to be used for hair growth and skin care purposes, being multiple-centuries old.
  • It contains a whole lot of minerals and medium-chain fatty acids (ricinoleic, oleic and linoleic acids, amongst others). In turn, this allows the oil to nourish your hair and skin as well as moisturize it at the same time.
  • It is a pure alternative to the onslaught of chemical options out there and isn't heavy on your wallet.
  • Some of the acids found in castor oil have disinfectant and antibacterial properties, actually making it more helpful when trying to repair damaged hair and skin.

As you can see from this basic overview, this doesn't seem like too bad of a choice if you're looking to try something harmless that may help your hair grow. However, to use castor oil for hair growth properly you'll first need to heed a few instructions.

When and How to Properly Use Castor Oil

So when exactly is it appropriate to use castor oil? To begin with, if you notice that you are starting to lose hair at a faster rate than usual, now would be a good time to start using seeing as how castor oil's main strength lies in preserving hair and stimulating its growth, rather than re-growing it from scratch.

Additionally, if you notice split ends up can usually get rid of them with a bit of oil. If you notice that your scalp is dry and perhaps even looks like it might be infected, then you should definitely use some of the oil for its antiseptic properties; while it can take are of basic scalp infections, you may still want to check in with your doctor to ensure it's not something else. Finally, I should add that you can definitely use castor oil even when you don't have any issues, just for maintenance purposes.

Fortunately, the question of how to use castor oil for hair growth is one of the simpler ones and can be broken down into some very simple steps:

  1. Wash your Hair: Some suggest using the oil on your hair before shampooing, though most people have better success with it when they put it on clean hair. Before using it, gently wash your hair and let it dry until it's just a tiny bit moist.
  2. Heating up the Oil: The next step consists of heating the castor oil mildly in a bowl, and if you so wish, during this step you may mix it with other ingredients, preferably oils as well... but you certainly don't have to. In any case, the goal here is to heat up the oil just enough to make it easily usable so it gets absorbed by the skin more effectively.
  3. Massaging it in the Hair: So your hair is a bit moist and your oil is ready for use. The time has come to take a bit of it on your fingertips and massage it all over your hair strands, from the roots until the tips. Take your time and be gentle with your hands so as not to damage the hair. Only apply a single oil patch at a moment and gently massage the hair to help your body absorb the castor oil.
  4. Massaging it in the Scalp: Once you're done with the hair massage the time has come to move along to your scalp, perhaps one of the most important pieces of the hair growth puzzle. Gently massage the oil into the scalp with circular motions until it becomes completely absorbed, or as close to that as you can manage.
  5. Let it Rest: The next stage consists of simply wrapping your head up in a towel or a shower cap and just letting the oil rest and work its magic. Unless you are trying an overnight treatment, you should let the oil rest between thirty minutes and an hour.
  6. Wash it all off: Once the time has passed, simply hop into your shower and gently wash the oil off with lukewarm water.

If you follow this simple procedure on a daily basis for about two weeks to one month, you'll most definitely start to see some noticeable results, and at this point the only thing that remains is choosing the  castor oil for hair growth you'll be using.

Making a Product Choice

With castor oil being as old as it is, you can expect to see countless products on the market, and you can bet that each and every one of them will claim itself to be the final solution to your problems. Truth be told, most of those products have very few differences between each other; what you should go for are the ones that claim to be 100% pure.

This means that you'll only be getting the castor oil, and in some cases a few additional natural ingredients (ones that cause no harm)... and that point, it matters little which brand you choose. Once you've made your choice amongst the many castor oil products in existence, give it a month or two before deciding if you want to keep on going or switch to something different. Good luck!

Castor Oil for Hair Growth
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